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Chapter 12.
Quality Virtues Mother Lilith and their purpose.


Lilith's doctrine about Virtues and vices. 110. Virtue of Friendship - Greatness.

110.    Virtue of Friendship - Greatness.

107.   Strangely enough, but that from where we getting born, a female uterus, humiliates us and steals our GREATNESS.

108.   But only don't shout and don't be indignant for now. Just think and ponder properly. I don't want to humiliate a human, but want to find a skunk that sits in people, and lowers them to a level of brute.

109.   Girl is chaste and beautiful until she isn't seduced on sex with a boy or man. As soon as she spend a night with somebody, she is already goes down from the level of reason and soul to the level of genital, the name to which sounds obscene and abusive, and it called by the most indecent words which all of you well know.

110.   We will call this organ as it is called by all of you, only by one letter C. Forgive me, but I use here just those names by which people call women and men. It is time to look in the eyes of truth and to accept it such as it is, then it is possible to correct all that what so many millennia last and to return to all people their GREATNESS.

111.   Look for yourself: as soon as a girl becomes a woman, she loses her name, and now behind her back she called C., her soul and reason are switching off and her her C. begins to dictate. That is very sad and very strange. And here was a reasonable and promising girl with soul and a great divine Goddess. And she has slept with a guy, who'd not give birth, as people say: stick in, taken out and run away, and all has changed at once. There is no more the goddess, there is C.

112.   And this goddess is called now by men among themselves just like that, they call her the abusive word C. And shutdown of reason does from the woman not just a C., but already a stupid C. So men call absolutely stupid women, who are completely deprived of reason through their C. And further they say: chicken is not a bird, woman – not a human. That is already a direct insult and humiliation of woman, who once was a Soul. But there is not to return chastity if once it was lost.

113.   And this is already a terrible humiliation, which not to wash away by anything. It is a shame in the eyes of Soul. But there was Greatness. Was and gone. That's all, it's done, the girl has lost her GREATNESS by such way.

114.   And further anyone who can spits in the Soul, and the Soul just leaves the body. An infinite falling, humiliation, melancholy and pain to full old age, loss of teeth and hair, complete drowsiness and death begins. Read once again and be terrified by these events, think though for a minute WHY SO HAPPENS?

115.   But there are cases when a girl doesn't give to a man her chastity till marriage. And then, till the marriage, she is a Goddess, pure as a spring. But here she marries by those rules that society dictates her, and again – the first marriage night lowers her on the level of C., and she becomes it, only under the law belongs to one owner who, by the way, too lives not by Soul but - by phallus.

116.   I ask again to forgive me, I wouldn't like to tell this of everyone. There are pleasant and noble exceptions, but they happen not as often. And there is a wish that couples were divine, and that, first of all, Friendship would fasten them and bore to them not humiliation and insults, but MAGNIFICENCE AND GREATNESS.

117.   But so it happened that sometimes many men don't even know what is it – Soul as they are brought up to live from the childhood without soul, only by life of the penis, and approved cruelty and atrocities. And such young men being 15 years old, or even earlier, usually have already slept with prostitutes. Of course, they will be unfaithful to their wives soon after the marriage, and they are also already not on friendly terms with their reason and soul. The soul is expelled, spat on and humiliated.

118.   The name of such man can be also expressed by only a swear-word. And we will call it by letter P. So, the strange thing turns out: people, having been born on Earth, have to be humans with soul and have to find a reason on Earth. And when they are children and growing up all of them are GREAT, but when there is a loss of chastity happens, and men have sexual relationships with women, they lose their Greatness, given by God from their birth. And women become C., and men - P. And that is an honest truth.

119.   So now they don't live by soul and reason. They live only by genitals, which are some alive entities, and these entities have been introduced to people. Both C. and P. have their own mind, they feel, think, speak and do for people. Exactly C. and P. expel and humiliate the Soul of human. And people love each other not by the soul, but by genitals, C. loves P. and vice versa. How is that?

120.   These genitals and sexual human's relations have no conscience, honor, honesty, and there live and act against soul and conscience some unintelligible and evil creatures. And these creatures are taking an entire control over people.

121.   Also such women are called bitches, and men - dogs. How many times in families of different people I heard how men shouted at their wives and called them bitches, and women, crying, called the unfaithful to them men dogs. That is already something from a dog's life. Yes, that is so, the life of people not human's, but dog's.

122.   And also to my children's memory, of those times, strange and awful scenes which shocked me emerge. Girls at school, the eighth class, were already squeezed behind corners with boys and giggled, and whooped not by a human voice. Then I didn't suspect that these were not people, but animals in human bodies. They had not physical sex yet, but somehow already were fallen. Probably, they already knew something and saw from their parents that wasn't known by me.

123.   Then there was an institute and farther - a different life, trips, campaigns, bard festivals. And everywhere - the same. Women look for dogs, and those squeeze them in different corners, sometimes without being ashamed of other people. I just jumped aside from such pictures of life as if infected with pestilence. And what about Friendship, Love? But for them this disposable squeezing and quickys probably called love.

124.   Woman-bitch was ready to pick up any dog, only to capture him then by that place, which we call by the abusive word C.

125.   The women saw that I avoid that kind of relations and feel aversion, and when at festivals and other actions they picked up a next dog and had a quicky with him, he would usually right there roll to another woman.

126.   And then such unfortunate, hoping for some "love" C., came to me to whimper about this or that dog who has left her. For me in this life there were nothing but revelations. I studied an incomprehensible to me since the childhood "love" of beings, who called themselves people. But what kind of people are they??? What kind of love is this? It was something else, incomprehensible to my reason and my soul. Something treacherous and ugly.

127.   After, in many years, I have realized that women are almost all like that, they are majority! And only in decent families children are raised absolutely in different way, as my father has brought me up. He spoke of love, but he spoke about love of Friend to Friend, about Love of Soul to Soul, but not of contact of C. and P.

128.   And there is actually no love on earth, as there are only few people brought up in morals and goodness. The others – dissolute beings, who after the first contact with man become the most ordinary animals. And this dissoluteness is widespread everywhere, especially today.

129.   And these women are born with a program in themselves that they have to give birth, such is their main destination. And they are proud of the fact that they, at last, have married though a poor, but still some man, and have given birth to children.

130.   All others, who don't seek to give birth and devote their life to knowledge or research, to sciences, to God, they consider unfortunate and all the time stand up that a maiden-mare has found herself a man and has given birth.

131.   Often in families, especially rural, fathers called their daughters heifers. Only from that I already was in a constant stress. I told nothing to anyone, was silent, but understood what here, on this Earth, everything is arranged somehow absolutely not as should, turned upside down. But I have no other place for life. I have to live in this strange society.

132.   Someone has inspired the people that it is necessary to live that way and not the other, and today into the heads of people have hammered desires of sex. But actually all these induced animal and perverted sex images was made artificially. Someone has very professionally tried to create such distortions of consciousness in people, and, what is interesting, they have succeed to turn people into cattle.

133.   And now they can declare that people are not people but - animals, and they can be tormented and killed. What is successfully getting made. To born kids in nursery inoculations, which bear in themselves unknown diseases, are made. This is a murder of life in her origin.

134.   A little later I also have understood that someone keeps the people in a condition of backwardness and infantilism. There is a good God's element in people, it is Soul, but by such terrible methods it is expelled from people on purpose, and people themselves are helpless as they are sometimes in a perinatal age. What they were told that they do. They just don't allowed to grow and develop.

135.   They are especially thrown off on the level of genitals, and in today's situation they were also added a stomach. Except reproduction, and production of children, entertainment and consumption people just have no meaning of life.

136.   Church gives them laws, but fallen people owing to animal nature can't do anything but break them. And breaking, they go to church and pay a bribe to get cleared. But clarification doesn't happen. Actually, nothing happen at all. Everything rotates around. It is a slow death of all and everything.

137.   Can you explain to me how is such possible? How has become possible what genitals govern instead of people's reason? How it is possible that people build all their life according to strange and bad scheme, which is really possible to call stupid. They live for the sake of genitals and stomach, but not for the sake of soul.

138.   One very unpleasant woman, who has been entirely subordinated to her C., was with me for some time, and she has told then that there is an abyss between her and me, but all the same her god of C. is much stronger than mine. I have been shocked. My God, whom millions of people pray, my God who is the Soul and the Supreme Intelligence is weaker than her C.?

139.   Or may be all pray exactly to this organ in women and - to P. in men? Maybe I didn't catch up with something?

140.   Watch TV and Internet, and everything would come to it's places. In this or that form, veiled and covered with glamour, or open and vulgar, not people, but C. and P. broadcast everywhere., dressed in a human form.

141.   They speak about their own, and only about own, and this everything is reduced to C. and P., and - to stomach.

142.   Will normal and reasonable people chatter endlessly just anything and whatever publicly? Will they begin to reduce all the talks to the same places: C. and P.? Of course - no.

143.   Means, people don't belong to themselves. All of them were humiliated via these two tools, through C. and P., and these organs possess a remarkable cunning, greed, all defects, they use people, and without shame and conscience deceive, lie, throw each other, behave as animals.

144.   People, through these two genitals, were lowered from a space of Devine GREATNESS of Soul in a space which is below the belt, between legs of everyone. Exactly there a latrine is. In a house such place is a toilet. And our children precisely are born from the latrine, obscene and abusive places. So what is there to expect from them?

145.   For some inexplicable reason, people began not to be on friendly terms with their Soul and Reason and have obeyed to the genitals. And psychologists of our days teach: feel by uterus, think by uterus, work by uterus. There is only left to say: stop being a person, woman, turn into an uterus, into a penis. For what do you need heart and head - you, all the same, don't use them? And people sins long ago live so, only by lower organs, and torment their souls.

146.   And from this lousy life all torments of people have begun. These two organs plunge people into a horror and debauchery, kill and age. And doctors lie that sex is necessary for health. Nonsense! Sex leads people to a fast aging and diseases.

147.   I'm not against people married and given birth to children, but they shouldn't unite not by C. and P., but by Souls. Then children will be happy, and in families there will be a peace and goodness. But what really happens? A man has met a soul, it has filled him, has Inspired, and then has dragged him away in a black hole of C. And everyone feels bad.

148.   And now guess why for these C. and P., who live in human in a form of ruling gods, entities, people haven't found some kind words? People are not fools, and understood everything long ago, but can do nothing. Everyone here inexplicably became hostages of those entities that operate people through C. and P.

149.   And only yogis and monks could become free from such management. And therefore they were becoming enlightened. And today there already a lot of people appears, especially among youth, who dissects what I tell and doesn't aspire at once in a hurry to marry for giving birth to children. Young people, not everyone, but born as indigo, began to live more reasonably, they understand a lot of things and slowly come back to their Soul. But genitals-tools have an enormous power over people.

150.   So what are these tools and who and for what has given them to people? Definitely not God! If someone has strongly deceived you, in what situation you will be? You will be humiliated and offended. And how you will call the traitor, the deceiver? A villain, a swine, a rubbish, a decay. How many swear words is possible to write? Thousands!

151.   And so, such bad and abusive words have been given by people not for nothing. And notice, all most disgusting phenomena and defects in society and person can be expressed by only these two words. And those who speak by swearing express themselves exactly like that. These two words are enough to express all life of humiliated and living at the level of C. and P. people.

152.   The people very long time ago were deceived and deprived of God, and deprived of Greatness and all Virtues, when someone has told to mankind: give us your souls and reason, and we will give you something fascinating, and you will make children as Gods. And you wouldn't need to address God every time: "Give me a child!" And people have agreed.

153.   And these someones probably have presented to people a phallus and an uterus, having taken away something more important. They have taken away Mother Nature and God from people, and in substitution of Mother and God have given an uterus and a phallus. And even Moisey's god is called Jehovah, that in translation from ancient Aramaic means exactly an erected penis. And a fight, from the very beginning, I would tell, a fierce war, went for superiority of P. over C. And it is called god. But it is a lie!!!

154.   Some consider that in India people worship a lingam, and Europeans confuse it to a phallus. But it is not a phallus, it is a pillar of energy of God Shiva which penetrates all universe, and on this pillar the world keeps. And God Shiva has once proposed once to God Bramah and God Vishnu to fly from one end until the other end of this lingam. And nobody could reach the edge. This pillar of energy is infinite. It is not a phallus!

155.   On the temples of sun in India, outside of them, some sexual perversions are represented, but in the temple there are none of them. Europeans think that these sexual perversions – for humans, but there is shown an animal sex to which human has fallen.

156.   Phallus of man possesses bad and changeable temper, has no reason, but has a knowledge of elements of seducing and manipulation the female genital C. Cunning and strong brainless C. can drive and drag a man by his P. And therefore people say: where a penis - there the legs. Everybody are in submission to this instinct, except those who managed to control it by hard work and asceses.

157.   And all life of people after falling is reduced to the life of these two organs and here also stomach connects which creates a food chain. A real conveyor of death and horror turns out. And nobody ponders of such life, and all prefer to close the eyes. Like, the less you know - the better you sleep. But the less you know - the quicker you will be let as a meat and energy on food of these who has so humiliated the mankind. But such experiment probably was necessary.

158.   And here all our life! That is not our life in that sense in which God has given it to us. Sins long there are no those first-born people. But somebody by the name of P. and an uterus with the name C. lives in their bodies and they are round dancing and govern people. And people became these C. and P.

159.   So, people were enslaved and humiliated to inconceivable situation. And therefore I can't see it and it's bitter for me to look at women who are dressed up as ladies, go as queens and behave so as if they are carried on hands. Actually, the first question which I mentally ask each such lady: in what pose was you banged today? You don't understand any more that you were lowered and humiliated, and you play a role, but there is no happiness in your eyes.

160.   And each such copulation, doesn't matter with whom, with a husband or a lover, humiliates the dignity of woman and puts her Soul in zero. And therefore, there is no need to pretend to be a queen, everyone is an unfortunate creature humiliated and with a lost soul.

161.   I also classify myself to the number of women, as was born with female element, and I am burned with shame as soon as I imagine myself, all women and men who lie in beds and bang each other. I passed this way too. It was long ago, in my antecedents.

162.   But I remember that I always watched myself and events from outside, and didn't understand what is it and what it is needed for? And when I tried to share my thoughts with acquaintances and asked questions, they looked at me with pity and said that I frigid and don't feel an orgasm. But I understood that all this is deception and confusion, and people deceive themselves.

163.   If two decide to give birth to a child, and this intention is firm, and they understand that they will be able to give to the child a happy future, for this purpose the engagement in intimacy is reasonable. And in the same India man before engagement in relation with woman, in bramin's families, prays on her to receive a blessing of Mother Goddess. But why is to be engaged in it just for a sake of some doubtful pleasure and with perversions?

164.   Sex brings infectious diseases, from it woman, as they say, gets knocked up, and it is necessary to get rid of conception by methods which are terrible. Abortions, tablets, contraceptions, lost money, torments, nerves, nightmares, offenses, insults, diseases and heap of other consequences. For a sake of what? Maybe someone will answer this question? Is really there are no other meanings and ideas of life, except this nightmare?

165.   At first I also did not understand what is here on Earth going on. But when I realized, I have found the other way and meaning of life, that which my father has given me, and I am happy myself and I make happy other people. But what the most interesting that men, feeling my truth, curl around, and there are so many of them that would be enough for a whole detachment of women.

166.   Men feel a true beauty of soul and reason, and they are already bored by women called C. Means, there is something stronger and more attractive than C.? And it is a grand design and grandiose ideas in Soul. In this case sex isn't important, Soul as a bearer of GREATNESS of GOD on Earth is important.

         Anastasia of Vladimir Megre. Don't trade in inspiration!

167.   But at some stage of my life I have nearly believed in force of C. and P. It seemed to me that they already, as bugs, have bred and captivated the whole world. Then, in search of other relations, the destiny has brought me into Gelendzhik on a meeting with Vladimir Megre, who became a famous writer now and has become noted for a series of books about a Siberian anchoress Anastasia who, allegedly, has chosen him and has made him a father of her children.

168.   Vladimir Megre himself has found me, called and asked to visit him. I, without delay, gathered and gone to Gelendzhik. Man has an image of woman which he wants to show to the world. Man wants to tell about woman! It is almost impossible! They like to speak only about themselves. And here - everything turns over. Something unusual.

169.   In a process of development and writing of the books, Anastasia of Vladimir Megre has turned out such a good girl that was given birth to his children, but demanded nothing of him, was bringing them up by herself, and also did everything possible to glorify Megre and to make him the richest. Herself she lived not in s house, but in a bear den. She wouldn't ask money for an apartment and - for a toilet. "This is a woman! If I only could have such!" So, I think, each man thought.

170.   A woman-ideal, and a man without wheel and sails, weaved from egoism and defects, allegedly, have made a couple. And family estates, ringing cedars and trade in Inspiration, and farther - in ideas and ideal. There is a wish to cry out for the whole world: people, don't trade in Inspiration! But, Anastasia is on sale successfully!

171.   In those far times, and I think it was 1997, Megre only drew up a plan of ascension in glory and financial wellbeing and probably he has decided to privatize (grip) these highly spiritual qualities, about which he has learned in a hospital, and use for the business and popularity. He has also decided to privatize bards, but they have shown him a fig.

172.   He had colossal purposes. So by means of Anastasia it was possible to privatize the whole world and to become a president of the globe. He wanted exactly this, but, thank God, he hadn't strength enough. But what a far-reaching personal plans! Striking! And all this personal domination over the world is covered with the mask of beautiful Anastasia's.

173.   In this time and century a female energy has to win, and a man's - to fade into background. And Megre has developed a very smart plan to attract all people to treasures of Earth, and to tie them by family estates, 100 by 100 m. Grave makes 1 by 2 meters.

174.   Here will be more space, but all the same - for someone it's good, but for another - a grave. God has given to human all Earth and cosmos, but forces of evil have attracted the human by a magnetic trap and genitals forever to the terrestrial plan.

175.   I then, in 1997, I still didn't realize much, and at that time I was an absolutely free person, and I needed to do something that have sense and would give to the mankind a way of ascension to spiritual heights. My Soul was full of energy, ideas and of grand design.

176.   Two years I was near Megre in Moscow and in Gelendzhik, and watched his habits. I saw how he plays with women, how attracts men that they worked for him just like that, for the sake of high idea. And people were given to Anastasia's idea with inspiration, and their spiritual potential was realizing in them. And what next?

177.   Further, through some time, they understood that they were just used for mercenary purposes. In opened souls of the people, ready for the sake of Anastasia's idea for feats, Megre was just spitting, and the soul in the people was dying. He also behaved ugly to women. I won't begin to tell the cases that have been opened for me by these women. Perhaps, these lessons have done them good. But I feel for all of them a deep sympathy.

178.   Vladimir Megre used women for sexual contacts and work and then transferred to his deputies. And those just banged them on dolmens, calling these dolmens - the love dolmens. And about it I was told by women who were humiliated like that by Megre and his deputy Solntsev.

179.   I watched this events and was silent. Every evening in Gelendzhik Vladimir Megre went with me to a local cafe or a restaurant. There he would take a vodka bottle and at one stroke drink a whole glass. He lived on some own games, played strange tricks which seemed to me silly and ridiculous. I won't begin to describe his hussarity and bravadoes.

180.   But I was near him, and didn't allow even thought that I can come with him into sexual contact. I write it for those who will begin to suspect me of such. And if there are those, I will answer: once from a temple I have banished moneychangers, away Pharisees, I will cripple you!

181.   He was bringing women into his apartment and probably showed before me own attractiveness and their weaknesses. Actually for me he was an ordinary person of a short height and slightly growing bald.

182.   But at inspiration moments, when I put for him songs of a bard Vladimir Oksikovsky and other my bards-friends, he suddenly unexpectedly changed and looked younger. He also looked younger when he appeared on public. But when he'd come back to the apartment somehow, at once, he felt down and needed a spiritual feed. Generally, with him everything was clear to me.

183.   He was an absolutely empty vessel, and it was possible to pour in him any thoughts and ideas. He accepted them with greed and from these thoughts created Anastasia. I understood that if in this empty vessel to fill in milk - it will be white, if to fill in a red wine - it will be red. I hurried silently to fill in Virtues. But many other people were near, and it is unclear what they filled in this vessel, and what will turn out. It was necessary to wait, not a year.

184.   His readiness to absorb any knowledge, desire to listen to what I like to speak about adjusted me on a full frankness. I wanted to lay out to him all my soul. I spoke with him so as if a dearest and loved one before me. I shared with him the most intimate thoughts and ideas about mankind, read verses of favourite poets.

185.   At the nights we listened to tapes with my bards, carried on a midnight talk till the morning about high ideal of life and of remote past and future. It pleased me and attracted.

186.   I needed to pour out, and I was pouring out. Megre also entered a condition of imagination, and our conversation poured as a river of milk with a kissel's shores, so then it seemed to me. There was an exact coincidence and direct hit. My heart was unburdened of knowledge and feelings in the ears of one who listened. I saw that he shy of me, and behaves as a school student behind a desk.

187.   I think that other women are as well poured before him their soul, but also they were given him their bodies. I poured only by soul. I have made my body inviolable not only for Megre, but also for all other men. I expected shoots and believed that someone will bear fruits of own activity and that he will become the main Friend in my life.

188.   Megre has accepted all that I kept in my soul. I was released for further accumulation of new knowledge, and there was soon an unexpected parting. But I tell later about it.

189.   I want to note that, as a result of such talk, an empty vessel of person gets filled, and his died soul regenerates and revives. He receives a new breath from Inspiration. He receives a second life from spiritual world.

190.   And therefore the name of Anastasia means – revived. But Megre revived himself through women, Anastasia became only an instrument of his ascension back, to a former life in wellbeing.

191.   And what was received by me? Through some time I have received from this person disappointments and have seen that it is possible to adapt spiritual knowledge for doing material and financial deals. I have been shaken to the bottom of my heart because on my eyes an act of transfer of spiritual knowledge to the material capitals came true, and money have gone to Megre.

192.   As my life is subordinated to spiritual laws, and material artificial world is alien to me, flowers of spirituality grow ripe on my tree of life till this day, and I regularly stream to Earth with knowledge and lived experience. Without it I just can't live. And therefore - one futile person leaves, another - appears. Like that it goes for many years. How many there were after Megre! But I remember everyone of them.

193.   Someone always was taking my experience, my knowledge and even my emotional qualities to own arms if they seemed to them attractive, and these people used them for their life. What can I say, there was always a lot of such people around me.

194.   And today I have a question: where they all now? Why not with me? I sowed, sowed, but ravens and crows have taken away all my grains and fruits for themselves? Oh, what will soon happen! What is going on? Why not me who gathers the fruits, but someone else? I fill a soul of person, but he again goes to a material world and for what he spends this force again?

195.   And the answer is simple. For the same place. I am pouring out, I pour our my soul and thoughts to a person, he has to become my second self, but here a next C. appears, and P. in the person gains strength. He rises again, rejects his soul, or uses it for the purposes of C. and, of course, goes for a C. And a picture, really very bitter for me turns out: as they speak, doesn't matter where you kiss these futile people whom you have filled with yourself, all the same you will receive an a...se.

196.   So it happened with Megre and with hundreds of other people. Of course, they at the beginning, perhaps, were also fond of my spiritual ideas and thoughts, and used them for their raising, but, as a result, won a victory over their reason and soul, given them for their revival in a new quality, their old, but revived P., and again they've gone not for the Soul, but for C.

197.   And again people, men, are conducted after C, and surround own P. with lots of C. And, of course, the head of Megre has begun to spin, he couldn't resist. There couldn't be more! Again, as at Kisa Vorobyaninov's from Ilf and Petrov's story "12 chairs": "The brain was filled with imaginations of dizzy success in female environment and a big money have loomed."

198.   And each person, who has completely broken and devastated, having received the Inspiration and a new life from the Soul, seeks to repeat a rich life with grand scale and in an environment of lots of C., again to exploit the phalic tool till that time until it falls down once and forever. And why then they need Maria if there is a Viagra?

199.   And what happened to Maria? Everything is very simple - P. have risen from dead, but I still didn't understand that. I didn't understand at all, how it is women and men so quickly understand each other and go to bang. For the first time only in India, in 2016, I began to understand something. One Hindu repaired a fan in my room. He long fiddled about, I already waited when he leaves.

200.   And I left him and gone to draw a lodge for my office. Suddenly this Hindu came into the lodge, and began to ask me something about marriage. I answered. And he had already nothing to ask, but he continued to stand; he said that he is ready to help, I have refused. And for me there was an awkward situation, he just prevented me of creation.

201.   And here, at once, I have suddenly felt that he all has changed, he as though was substituted. And instead of him, with a wild look, something or someone else watched me. And it was even frightening. I have understood then that his P. has risen in him. But as in me aren't present, and there never were, untwisted desires to proximity with men, my answer hasn't followed. And I have felt some tension and horror. I was alone. And to find a way out I have quickly left the room and gone to the house.

202.   I was frightened and even thought: shall I lock the door. But, thank God, soon he has left and didn't come back any more. But there was some strange trace left from him, the trace of presence someone not human. And only after some memoirs, from which I began to understand that P. and C. have a special language, came to me. It is silent and very quiet, but existing for sure.

203.   I have remembered how I sometimes spoke by phone with different people, and suddenly behind their speech I heard other, very strange voice, even not a voice, but as if something scoffed, either giggled, or spoke some hardly distinguishable impudences and causticities, and there were rudiments of human language, but very primitive.

204.   I was surprised then and thought that some bad people listen to the conversation and behave as primitive monkeys. But now I understand what that was exactly a language of C. and P. There a certain impudence and shamelessness were felt.

205.   And also I have remembered several scenes from my life with a person that could already die and came to me for rescue. This person became dear to me, we have merged with him by our souls and spoke sincerely and frankly about everything.

206.   Ones we went with him in a minibus. And there appeared some woman who has thrown on this person, close to me by soul, a sharp look, and all space of my soul has changed, I have felt a complete separation of our souls, pain. The person dear to my heart looked at this woman and between them there was some hardly distinguishable dialogue from which I have understood that there was something in this woman that subordinated this person and dictated to him to go with her.

207.   But he has nodded her in my direction, it meant that he can't follow her. After this meeting a gap between us remained forever, and soon we became with him strangers and have separated.

208.   Now I have understood that this is C. ordered to P. of that man to follow her. And eventually he has followed. And it isn't important for which one of them. Just since then he has followed C., as with me he his P., a deceiver, has switched on.

209.   When he lived with me, he has begun to write wonderful verses, his consciousness has opened, and he understood absolutely everything about what's going on in the world and how we should behave, and what needs to be done to improve the world. He was an addict earlier, and his dependence has disappeared.

210.   He was becoming a person in a high sense of this word. But here a C. appeared and right there his consciousness was closed as though she has pulled off s gate and he has emotionally gone blind. And after this situation I already observed an embittered being, who sought to find a hole by any means, and his P. looked for a C.

211.   The force of C. is truly big. But with itself closing soul in which there lives an infinity, she immerses man in a sticky mix, something like a web, and he, as a fly, sticks on this web. And it is so awful, because female's C. of such force contains in itself some big female spider – a vampiress.

212.   So - this rustling and movement of female spider I heard sometimes behind a speech of people. And man's P. also has in itself some invisible energy substance. It is also a brainless and terrible essence, and this is some big animal. Now I understand that human, as a soul, was besieged and captured by some animals, perhaps aliens, and woman gives birth to children not for happiness, but for food to these entities. And turns out that all people on Earth are the most real enery food for other inhuman beings and heartless world.

      And now I will return to Vladimir Megre...

Read the continuation on the following link: http://www.lilit12.ru/lilitt_uchenie_12_3_27_3en.htm

Author Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 9 MAY 2016
Text translated by Maya Nikolaeva.

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