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Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

An Atomic Lady
in Fibonacci's row.

reation of new kernel.

An Atomic Lady in Fibonacci's row.
reation of new kernel.

1.    About formation of quantum team and preparation for transformation to another dimension.

In association of New planetary television M and in our team there is always going on a process of constant development, evolution of the team and projects, and qualities of every team members by principals of formating of atomic nucleus in accordance with magical numbers of protons and neutrons in nucleus.

Moreover, a coherent oscillations of neutrons relatively to protons creating a giant resonance, not so much at the nucleus itself, but in the world space of the planet Earth and beyond to the center of the universe.

Now you think I'm saying some nonsense. And I want to explain what special is happening in our team. And what we are really building. I open veil behind which hides Truth itself, not the ephemeral one, or momentary, but the Eternal Truth of Processes of Creating a New World's Model, which should come imperceptibly to replace the old one. As sunrise light illuminates the darkness, same the new world is forgotten and overgrown trail to the truth, comes to you from the depths of the atomic nucleus of the Atomic Lady; I feel like saying not "lady", but "Leda" of Salvador Dali, by her own self, she shows you from the depths of imagination the golden section of the new golden age, of which so afraid those who destroyed the Mother's temples and destroyed the very memory of her.

This is not a game of words and not a whim of Author Mary Lilith - to write by language of physics and mathematics. To me, as Creator and Author of the team's projects, and the new world for all mankind, a special requirements imposed by the Supreme God and Friend of mine. The compliance to these requirements, the responsibility for the projects and for the people, the honing of Virtues collected in me - my main task. When the team formats in this way, which I finally decided to describe - the laws of the true Nature of the Earth and Human being come into force itself.

This Great Nature she solves for me itself the problem from two sides and adds the results. And all these results tend to be the Unite. When there is the Unite in sum, begins a transition to the next dimension, where all construction begins anew. And the Nature itself builds the golden section by particular rule.

And this rule is as follows: the Nature does not give me the opportunity to use the golden section immediately. She gets it by successive repetitions of the same qualities in the new coming members of our team, constantly multiplying them and thus gives rise to the golden age of the golden section, using the well-known to mathematicians Fibonacci's row.

Here is an example which will explain all cases. The Atomic Nucleus of the New World formats in our team and a person comes to join the core of the new formation. This person has a certain qualities and abilities, in which I'm lacking towards the Unit in total.

You may ask: why do I need this Unit, why do I so aspire to it? The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Aspiration to perfection and desire to transfer the planet into the new dimension, and some people give me the strength and opportunity that my aspiration would carry out not only in mathematical formulas in theory.

The Princess Nature itself, the Great Mother, gives me the opportunity to check these formulas empirically - in practice of real interaction with the people needed at one or another point of realization of projects., these who become members of the team and part of the new Atom, which is exactly a new model for the future world and transition to the new dimension.

The physical models of atom and mathematical calculations can show the essence of the transition, and even calculate its approximate time, that's why all the screams and cries of contactees and prophets of the modern times, that's only just screams and rumors. To make the transition requires a painstaking and difficult work from morning to morning, without any breaks, with complete renunciation from the world. But when someone somewhere works up a sweat, there are some eavesdroppers and heralds appear, who scream about the transition, because they hear a ring, but don't know where it's actually comes from. So they rush and fling from one corner to another, but they don't see and don't hear where is going on the formation of the Nucleus and new life. Any way they will interfere in work. Now I open this veil because they not be able to interfere, and it is time for people to live by not only sweet and sour porridge of knowledge, which gives nothing, but namely by real examples to understand and realize these great processes, which are happening in the small and influence on the great. The great is going first in the small. Doing in microcosm simultaneously apply to Macrocosm. It's so simple and logical. Make a healthy cell, not suffering from diseases and weaknesses, vices and sins. And propagate it throughout the earth. And the whole earth will bloom with gardens. If let only one atom of ultra pure water into the dirty water it can clean the entire pond.

2.    How created a Nuclear Lady?

Our team - is a small cell of the universe, this is an atom of the new world, which would become a star, a new sun. A newcomer to the team passes a certain way, and his qualities are becoming the property of the Atomic Lady, the domain of the Nucleus, the domain of the command. The qualities penetrate to the projects then become the property of the Nature and cosmos, and then this person could be deleted, if the person has reached its ceiling of development and he can not be at the Nucleus, as it will bring only destruction.

The person has reached its limit of development and he removed from the Nucleus, although he believes that he is gone himself. The Mother Nature removes him herself. But as they say: a holy place is never empty, and soon next one appears, a right person with the same qualities as the one before, but with added and corrected flaws of the previous one, and has something in what the previous was lacking. This is quite similar to computers and their development. Almost every year computers are improving and updating, they developing a new functions and new features, they become more powerful, easier to use and more compact.

Once a new person appears, I immediately forget about the previous one, at the same time I remember him, he left his mark in me, but simultaneously this track erased, thanks to arrival of the new person, as he is the same, but more perfect.

This quality can be compared with neutrino particle. Do you remember the woman from the movie "Solaris"? The main hero of the film was trying to get rid of her and kill her several times. But she appeared again and again and didn't remember anything, but he was also changing, so to become a human in the end and be part of Solaris on the Earth.

Adding to the Nucleus and in our team a next person adds a new amount which brings me and my Nucleus closer to One, and so going on a process of continuous improvement and approaching to the Unit.

Such method is called repetition. Whenever the Mother Nature herself removes a team member, who has exhausted his potential for development, I get a new, the better one, and therefore comes the erase of memory about the previous one. In the following team member is fully preserved the first one, and considered those factors which hindered our joint movement towards the Unit. And with every removal of another person from the team increased approximation to the transition to the new dimension, not only for my team, but for the whole space, in which the planet Earth , mankind and the universe are developing.

3.    Where does the butterfly effect works?

All of you know that there is such butterfly effect, when butterfly with one stroke of her wings changes past, present and exhibits future. All of you know how many butterflies are flying in summer, they are dying, and no one did find that butterfly, who's wing flapping had the effect, of which scientists, and science fiction writers are saying.

And here comes the time when all the secrets and the knowledge of creating worlds are opening and you, yourself, each of you, will realize that not every butterfly produces such effect that changes all the worlds and spaces. Yes, that's not enough to find the butterfly able to produce such incredible and tremendous changes, we still have to find a place and time when the effect would work without blunder.

A scientists built a collider to calculate this butterfly, to whom in this picture of the world they are given the name - the Higgs boson. And what's the difference how to call the Atomic Lady, if she has millions of names and any word spoken in any language, would be HER NAME, because she alone is able to reconstruct the Atomic Nucleus of the New World. And today she is not only the Mother Nature, the Mother Goddess, she is the Higgs boson, she is the butterfly's effect. Name her as you like. But the point remains the same.

This butterfly has all the forms of the world, but she is the ONLY ONE between all the varieties of countless forms, she could do that what no one else can. And all is said by that. And only in her could be concluded number ONE.

By the language of mathematics and the Fibonacci series, I, Mary Lilith, go to this number, go to ONE, which is in me, and always there is a little lack to be ONE. Only scholars and scientists would understand me. I always have the Unit in me, but each time there is some lack to be the Unit, one thousandths of parts, and so will be like that until the moment of transition to another dimension. At the time of removal one or another member from the team, for a short time Her Majesty the Unit reigns, the Higgs Boson particle is there, and then the particle - Unit disappears again.

If I had the academic background and the title of official scientist of the external world, I could have already apply my discoveries to the committee for the Nobel Prize, and could receive this award for all the areas of currently existing sciences. But I do not want waste my time on nonsense and emptiness. But scientists they are chasing the Higgs boson, after reading this article, if a bump of self-importance will not grow a powerful insights would come and another amazing discovery. They may be able to look into the eyes of the Higgs boson and perhaps they would even hear the Overmind of this particle. As they say, God help them!!!

As the discoverer of myself I can exclaim: I am the ONE! and the One in me carries within itself the fullness and completeness of myself and life projects. Otherwise it makes no sense to engage in the tasks that I set for myself. And the Nucleus created in the team and project of the New Planetary Television is that butterfly, which will appear in the right place and right time for the effect to work.

It seems to me that all the basic knowledge comes to us from childhood, first in an unconscious state, but understanding what lives in you comes in adulthood. Then, being seven years old, I could not explain to myself my children's life, and didn't try. I just lived as the Nature of my Soul wanted, and if all the children were playing in stores and dolls, I wasn't fond of these games and thought they were quite empty.

I played an imaginary game in which imagined the universe as a giant butterfly. About the universe my father told me, and I opened it in six years, and understand why it is infinite. I drew in my imagination the universe as a large butterfly that flew in the void and slowly fluttered its wings. And with each wave a stars were falling right into the void from the butterfly's wings. And I sat on the butterfly and ran her. And it was the most interesting game that developed my unusual imagination and ran my thought.

Here's the butterfly's effect, about which I always wondered would definitely work. And such an instrument, which was born through my imagination, can show the birth of the universe and its evolution.

4.    Human's aspirations and desires of the sinful nature.

What is the fullness and completeness? That is the phenomenon of God-Man on the Earth in physical form, capable of holding all the energy in the cosmos.

On the microcosm plan such a force has the atomic Nucleus, which contains an incredible forces of attraction and repulsion, creation and destruction, male and female energy, and a sordid motives are completely absent. This is the ideal of the Divine.

On the planetary level such an element, the Divine, appears to be the Sun. Just as electrons move around the nucleus, the planets revolve around the sun, although it is not quite so. But Atomic or Planetary Model is everywhere the same and there are acting the same laws. There are an open and visible laws of commonwealth and combine energy of the sun and planets, and there are hidden laws which will still be open to people due to the fact that each of the visible sun has its second Self, the spiritual value.

The Nucleus of atom, the Sun, the One, the Godman - these all the same, and all this UNITY that generates ideas and creates development projects and evolution of substance, humanity, Nature and all beings. Godman has an incredible power of thought and the ability to change the thought into projects, to transform the world on all levels of existense and non-existense.

Who can say openly: I AM THE ONE! I AM THE CREATOR! and if they ask: Why do you think so? I answer simply and without embellishment: Because I do projects, and generate ideas not for the sake of myself, but for all humanity and the planet, not because it is fashionable or gives me confidence in myself, but because this Life - is my true Nature, and for the people I would say that this is my mission. I can not live otherwise, all my internal energy subjected to these tasks. I kind of obsessed by ideas, and it is my prayers to God of Gods..

If someone wants to commensurate himself and understand his place in the world and in Nature, compare yourself to me, and if someone has something about what I don't know, come, let us compare our deeds and thoughts. I am a kind of metric Measure system for the people. And commensurate size and scope of thoughts, words and deeds is possible just next to the Nature. Only on Solaris did materialize the feelings and thoughts of the main hero, is that not so, friends? And our Solaris is running.

To me, throughout all life, process of implementation of ideas is similar to a puja (Hindu religious ritual). I don't need to sit by fire and chant Om, Mahadev or other prayers. I repeat the names of the God of Gods not with words. I am the incarnated Mother of All Living, while I am in worship day and night. And every line written by me it is also a prayer and appeal to Him, and His various forms. And all this I do as long as I remember myself.

When I was a young lady I did this not fully awared, and only by the maturity of my Spirit became aware of all made and created through me, by me and in a joint aspiration with the God of Gods.



Indian knowledge say that if you keep long austerities and pray to God, He'd definitely come and ask: what gift would you wish? And you can wish all you want, God will fulfill your desire. All these years I did not ask the God of Gods for any gifts, except one: to be always near Him. And all that is possible to see in my poetry, addressed only to Him.

Need no discoveries for knowledge.
Let row of events be.
Let life go down in the law of Christ.
It would be written by everyone from blank sheet.
I ask from sounding Moment of Love!!!

Covers from walls destroy and rip off!
Take in return my mind, passion and soul.
Believe me, the law of love I will not break.

I did not ask Him anything for myself, but was always ready to give everything I have to accomplish His and Nature's plans. And that's why, not asking but giving, I feel myself full and whole, as my life is done in His constant presence in numerous forms of His existence, and I'm going to accomplishment of mine and His idea. Each of His form it's the movement of His thought, a touch on big picture of the future world, but each such form is not aware of the existence of others. And when they complete themselves in my energy and love, He realizes Himself and His horizons are expanding.

5.    The society and the world of ideas and projects.

All projects and ideas, to which I give birth and bring to light, usually after a while picked up by people and cut into pieces, and the society spreads its table from those projects. They sit on their pie and eat away something that brought joy at first.

Since the society is living by material interests, then of course seeing in spirituality a material benefits, the society people catch the ideas and try to implement them according to their material conceptions of life. Some of such activists got rich on the spiritual world outlook and projects, in which they see only the goal of enrichment under the guise of good intentions.

But when the people is eaten of project and swallowed it brings a completely different feeling and they become aware of what is called the Truth of Life, they regain their sight and that is always painful.

Others, who swallowed a piece or part of a project, necessarily get a creative Gift from God. But for people it seemed not enough to get and open in themselves the Gift, or get the money, the people are also claiming on a spiritual life, composed by their material understanding, whereby a terrible curvature of space happens, and the chaos of illusions and sufferings are coming to reign and Kali Yuga begins decide the fates of people.

All this society, that have seen the world of ideas and realized that on ideas is possible make money, is ruled exclusively by selfishness, greed and envy - three very dangerous vices. And people with these vices, not knowing the laws of the spiritual world, trying to get into this world with all their material acquisitions, which is practically impossible. I'm talking about those people who are not imbued with the knowledge of Veda's and who didn't live on the territory of Mother India and has a logical mind.

Many people have received the earthly gifts, a lot of people got Sidha (spirit), these who wanted got a material wealth, or moment of their glory, but among them there are those who now claim to be something more. They are given the opportunity to sing, write, draw, create, love nature, but these people pretend on the role of the One. For them there are not enough of these gifts, they pretend on the role of the Kernels of Life, the role of the Sun, although none of them has an idea how the Spiritual Sun is arranged, how arranged and runs the Kernel of Life.

Egoism and vanity, two more of appalling blemishes, are blinding people, revealing in them a perverse entities and the entities start to represent themselves as the Center of the universe. There is a question arises for those who may not know who is the essence. How is possible to answer to this question? What is the essence?

The essence of human - it is his invisible heart in which are living an innermost thoughts and feelings of the human.

Essence manifests in all the acts of human, in his covert and overt desires, affections, passions, goals, in his perception of the world. It is a quintessence of thoughts and ideas, skills and religious settings, this is a human reasoning about life. This is person's memory and his wisdom, his knowledge, and his Consciousness, memory of centuries and millenniums. And all this shows to the world what is kept inside of a person and calls by word - PERSONALITY.

Person belongs to particular physical body. And that is an essence of the person, it has in itself a laws of vices and sins. And essence of person subjected to law of death till a certain time, when human would become a Godman, and would win own Personality and dissolve an essence of Personality in the ocean of Love for Divine, completely renouncing desires of material world, then he wins death itself. And the new laws of immortality come to replace the old laws.

The entities which are disclosed in people unfortunately don't realize which processes are going on in the world, what is the main in the created Center of universe, and what responsibility should have someone who calls himself the One, or the Core of the World, and what kind of people's relationships he has to build and how he should gather own team.

For now I am not talking about material teams, gathered for business and extraction of profit. This is not from our opera at all. In the old material world relationships are built on the community of consumers.

They strive to achieve a personal earthly happiness. The kit of personal happiness includes such attributes as: a big house, an expensive car, some thre-storey cottage and next by increasing - acquisition of something that will bring as much as possible of enjoyment and pleasure. And money, will be a lots of money that would fulfill an earthly desires. With money making a desires would grow and increase, and with them would be growing a problems and vices of those who are moving on this path.

This path is well known to every inhabitant of earth, and to the implementation of this path and this earthly happiness tending most people of the society, almost everyone. But this way lies in a valley of throughout false relations of people, as their relationship is based on a false light - wealth of money and things.

6.    What can not be stolen? Formation of Neucleus.

All could be copied and stolen on the plan of thoughts and ideas. Having money is possible to fulfill almost all stolen projects and ideas by creating their false copy, in which all desires and intentions will be changed and subordinated to goals of profit. And is there something that can not be stolen and can not be copied by any being in the universe? Got it! It's not possible to copy and steal the human relationship of those people who have targeted the spiritual world once and for all, who have chosen future.

And I forming my team painstakingly and intently, for many years, as an atomic nucleus of human relations.

For years I laboriously growing own sun inside myself. And crossing a particular border, I was able to achieve the full realization of my dreams within myself. And this is something that can neither be copied nor stolen - this Nucleus of the new life, new world, the Nucleus in which there are no signs of selfish motives and ego.

And becoming the Nucleus of the new world and a perpetual engine, the project attracts to the team a contenders for the roles of gods and angels, and here they learn an ability to fit into the newly-born Atom of the new world in which there is no, and can't be, any greed, cupidity and selfishness.

To ensure that a person could walk into the new world, he must find a place in advance in this new world which is coming. What it is like the new world? Created from one small nucleoli, the Atom of Unit, like a Rudraksha's grain is able to lie not spoiled many thousands of years, but one day fall into good soil and grow into a huge tree with an amazing fruits.

How is constructed the Nucleus of the new world, how is created an Atom?

You know that the atom has a nucleus, it is dense and it holds a great amount of energy. I'm not going to go far away and give you the composition of nucleous and its properties using Wikipedia: The atomic nucleus consists of nucleons - the positively charged protons and neutral neutrons, which are interconnected by means of strong interaction. The proton and neutron have an intrinsic angular momentum (spin), and an associated magnetic moment. Thus, proton - is the One, or a person with the movement of thought and the attraction of people's attention to an ideas and projects of the future. Neutron - is zero, and when one is attached to zero, turns 10. What does it mean?

The zero have to understand that without the One he is simply nothing, zero, void. And it doesn't create anything by itself. But if the zero is associated with a strong unbreakable bond with the One, he or she may feel factually as a God. And it turns out that to create a lasting Nucleus two people are required, who would be linked by absolute purity of thoughts and true feelings before each other. Here we can talk about high universal love, in which certainly will be invisibly present the third element - a Divine power.

The Divine power manifested the amount of energy of motion and the power of concentration and attention to ideas, to projects of the new world and the universe. Such a relationships of full and absolute openness and honesty before each other can not be stolen or copied.

If ones build such a relationships will never collapse. And even if the Nucleus will be destroyed by bombing and broken and the created nuclear energy will be discharging, anyway the memory and fixation of the created world remains through millennia, after millions of years they will still fly towards each other to mix at a new stage of evolution.

Lots of rubbish and various particles from other atoms, which did not take place, will be flying together with these two particles. But these, once connected to the strong ties particles will always remember, and seek each other for centuries. And when they find...

But if they didn't find? And there is should be development! Then the whole world starts with one atom of light hydrogen. Which called protium.

From Wikipedia:

The only stable atom which contains no neutrons in the nucleus - light hydrogen (protium). The only unstable atom without neutrons - Helium-2 (diproton). You all know from school physics textbooks that the sun consists of number of hydrogen, which is about 75% and 25% helium. So, to create itself as the sun as a star to become a Godman, you need to create two systems: hydrogen and helium. Inside the nucleus of the the sun the process of movement of protons is going on, their vibration and rotation are creating a powerful thermonuclear reaction. And if any one not related to the Nucleus tries to get there that would be too much for him.

Such a system is the Nucleous of our team of the New Planetary Television M. Sometimes we take people directly to us in the core of our system, and they are going through a test of the sun, and if they don't pass this test, I delete them from the nucleus into a different orbit. They should take their proper place, then the chaos disappears and reigns a harmony, and that is not only good for our team - it's good for the whole world.

In the model of atom, the atomic Nucleus, with a specific number of protons and neutrons, is called a nuclide. The Nucleus of atom, or a star can form by incredible way in which proton is located in the nucleus, but neutron - in a different space, we can say in a parallel world, and here remains only his print or form which wears a character of an invisible God.

The invisible God is in the invisible world, and people in the physical world, the visible one. Thus is formating a couple and a model of the new world, the stars; God-Human being. And so Christ was created and many GOD-Human being.

This model is the most stable and destroy such a relationships nobody ever can. Anyone who would try to penetrate to the core of this model would be always defeated.

In our team, for the time of my existence with projects of different directions, in my model of the atom tried to infiltrate a different entities who have received a particular gift, but didn't want to develop. All of them were coming through glazing of the sun of another magnitude that already exists, and invisible for eyes, but feels in the form of a large influx of energy and in opening of creative abilities of those who came to my star and wanted to stay in my team. But inevitably they all wanted to take possession of this energy and, as they say, catch fish without getting wet. I always found it interesting to see what happens to those people, who wants on a freebie, get the spiritual world.

And then I liked to see what would happen when suddenly, instead of the Nucleus, the One, there would stand such an essence, and I offering this opportunity for a short time to realize desire of the essence. Well, if you want to be in the core and to be a God or a Goddess, please try. If you can drink my cup, drink.

And of course, for all these years, no one person-entity was able to penetrate in my core or create an own kernel near by. Why? What do you think? I did mention already that here requires an absolute purity of thoughts, needs absolute openness and honesty, lack of greed and avarice, and constant monitoring of the ego and its beheading. One needs to be as the Goddess Kali herself, and continuously, from one life to another, behead the ego.

What is greed, and why it was not possible to form an own kernel for those who wants to combine the spiritual world and the material world.

Lets consult Wikipedia:

In some rare cases could be formed a short-lived exotic atoms where instead of nucleon some other particles would become as a nucleus.

So, everything as clear as day light. I address my voice to all the people who lives by the left cerebral hemisphere, and say to the people and entities, who lives by right cerebral hemisphere: if you aspire to an earthly life, or tied to money; I also tell to you who, suddenly, in aspiration and longing, for some time, renounced a worldly desires, ceased to strive for money, and even began to perform an austerities, and an insights came to you and you began to receive revelations; I turn my word to all contactees and prophets, and at this moment I will open a secret that will help you understand why you have not managed to create a core yet and make yourself such Unity, the grain from which will go a tree of life of the new world.

7.    An energy of expectation. A spiritual racketeering.

All of you who have dropped for some time the material life, followed a spiritual world, and began to make penance and abandoned meat and many earthly pleasures and enjoyments, and even spent twenty years of your life, but your kernel proved unsustainable, even though the God appeared to you and gave a gifts, all did not work. Why???

Because you did all these austerities not in the name of the new world, and not because you can not live otherwise, not because you are the only one divine particle, but you're just different, and because you did all these things, tried only in order to receive the Gift. And if so, you will succeed nothing. And all these people, that were next to me, removed over long distances from the nucleus and removed from the nucleus of the team. There are many of them, they are at different distances from the projects and Lilith's ideas, but they all have evidence that they have opened superpowers.

Their energy of expectation did outweigh the giving energy and that was a complete failure. Next to me was a man who for five years lived by the laws of my spiritual world, at least tried. He had a vision of a divine thought, and he began to write poems, even on behalf of the Mother Goddess and the God of Gods, he was whole in burning, in flight, he already dreamed of becoming a famous world's prophet.

And you probably will be interested to see what happens in the soul of the one who met with Her, who opened all the limits and showed to him the heavenly world. The delight is indescribable, and the Gift is received, and there is still flight, but what is after?..

What a luck! I married a muse!
Like a victorious ball! In the pocket!
I'm shining with a perfect sphere of verse!
And stanza like a magic network.
A genius print I put on all
At what direct my attention:
Whether I'm poetry writing, or play a violin.
My art is like a smile,
Which the sun changes on glares.
I'm meter of rhetoric, and master of kung fu,
As an imperial samurai Hu.
A rider on horse, a wizard of easel.
Computer's hacker and prima of ballet.
All talents of mine is impossible count,
One sheet is not enough.
And ten?
And hundred?!

His energy of expectation gave him the result. Four years of austerity and renunciation of life next to me, and here is God comes in front of him, and nature of his soul requests and receives what he wants, what will lead him to the earth's goal, satisfying his self. There are yet feeling of talents, but what next?

Next you need to develop it in yourself, if you made own choice. If you bought a car in the store, so learn to drive it, and only having received a license, you can drive. And this is already work. But here and then each is faced with the fact that he can't and does not want work and develop further. And occurs a ceiling in the development, and then stagnation.

And the energy of expectation is already all spent. And the person is taken away from me, and finds something by his height. This man found himself in astrology, and in this direction he earns his resources. He stopped his development and got out from the core, leaving me a poems written by my blood, and his hand was inly passing over the sheets of paper.

So the mother's blood was converted into an elements and one part of the elements showed the true desires and intentions of the applicant and the other - began to work in this world to his favor. And the poetry of the challenger became my money-box, of required elemental processes that are involved in the creation of Atoms of the New world. Here it all came together for the applicant, he walked away and left the energy of expectation in the Nucleus, as his expectations surpassed the real opportunities to developing of his soul.

In the Nucleus of Atom occurs a variety of exotic processes, same as in material world. To ensure a material part of life the Nucleus is bound to have a presence of material component which represented by human Atomic Nucleus.

Because the incoming people are seeking materiality through spirituality, they come and becoming something like a spiritual racketeers. This is a very interesting phenomenon in the Nucleus, which expressed funny and bizarre.

The person has one Gift, but he is unwilling to develop it by himself, he wants more, and puts himself in the place of the Atomic Lady, recently we all watched an example on the member of our team, who has been removed from the Nucleus forever.

She pursued only one purpose: to reassign the Nucleus and the Nuclear energy to herself. All that really happened in the Nucleus, and appear through hard work, any manifestation and revelation, immediately became a property of her mind, and she reported what that's all her creation, and that all and the key points belongs to her. And she likes to usurp it immediately.

I carried out a last experiment. What if on the mental plane to assume that, really, all she so eager to get would become her property? And this experiment was carried out. Reading the thoughts and their flows, the claimant immediately caught a desirable wind, and, being a young and immature seed, only seeing a shadow of the Great Dream, has already thought that sat in the stirrup of horse of Dream. And we saw with our own eyes what happened to her.

From the loving and submissive woman, she turned into angry fury. An infuriated particle, as dust on cosmic road of the great Dream, can get into someone's eye, and this dust will bring pain. Therefore, it is better to lie where it should lie. Since we observed a similar displays more than once, the experiment lasted too long, and no sense came of it. But the Nuclear energy received sounding of strings of this pretender from given her by Nature musical gift. Her dress-change took place, her development has reached the ceiling, she is ready wish more and already wants from God a fulfillment of all her desires. Here the eternal tale of A.S. Pushkin The fisherman and the golden fish comes in hand. The former member of our group wanted to become a mistress of the sea, and the fish of her luck waved to her with its tail and swam in the sea-ocean.

And we wish her, I do not want to call her name, find her way and her earthly happiness, the one which is in her powers, where her roots are, where she was born, in her native Georgia. Her homeland once seconded her to Moscow, and now it calls her back because the years went by, and the Gift had remained unrealized, and everlasting expectation that someone will do anything for her, already dragged her down and along with it suffered the Atom's Nucleus.

Commensurating own opportunities and abilities to work, this madame can still find a husband and can build her home from scratch and grow vegetable garden and orchard, and create her own patrimony. And she can find a work with children in a kindergarden. Children do need her, and she will find her purpose in children. Everyone gets its due. But in her life will be the memory of another state, and the memory of the Creation.

8.    An energy of Mother's Expectation.

I had to go long way of experiments with humans, complex and sometimes dangerous, for the purpose of opening to the world a processes of creation of the worlds and processes of evolution, using the simplest knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, philosophy and religious knowledge.

No one yet can explain the processes of communicating with God directly, without intermediaries, as scientists sit in their science. And religious leaders are not interested to be engaged in discovery of these relationships, since then the'd lose their power and influence over the minds of people.

And thus this main theme of life of people is in completely mangled and frozen state of caricatures and imagination that is on the level of development of savages and Papuans. And out is age 21, and science discovers a quantum laws, and invents a new forms of weapons of people's mass destruction.

And people at this level of development needed neither to God nor to Nature. Awareness and recognition of God and work with him, or all over again. Looks like people imposed to a Supreme Deities in quality of slaves! But in the processes and interactions of God-Man the laws of slavery are not existing! There are laws acting quite differently.

Let us return to the Atom. It has a so-called orbits, in which electrons or clouds are revolving, and in the solar system - the planets. You know that the most beautiful and livable planet is Earth and everyone encroach upon it. But no one questions: why only Earth has a manifested plan and life, and the other planets are not on an equal footing with the Earth? How to change the orbits of planets, of electrons, so that they all get enough sun's Nucleus energy? And whether such a reorganization of the world is possible?

If someone becomes an extension of your thoughts, and works like an angel, not thinking, and renouncing his body, in result of long toil he can become a flourishing planet. But the angel must understand where is his place. And the earth stands on the spot where the sun gives so much knowledge and energy for its development that it thrives.

And what are other planets? Why did not they become an extension of the sun's thought and it's part, why some planets are remote, and others - too close to the sun? If you stand very close to the Nucleus, but take no actions for the development of the Nucleus, if you stand next to the sun, but do not give anything to the sun, you will become an empty and barren planet like Venus. Meditate on these topics and a lot will open in your lives.

All the powerful and splendid systems of the universe's worlds created by a Creators are built not in a pyramid principle and has no relation to the earth's laws.

I'll present a simple formulas to be followed when approaching the Nucleus and interact with it, the same thing is happening in conjunction with a Deities:










And the best my wish: let all the people who overestimate themselves find their destiny and return whence they came from, and there find their harmony of life. Then any anomalous competition will disappear, where every untruthful, calls himself by not his name, watching what others are doing, and can't do anything by himself.

Person becomes untruthful when hoist not into his proper place, and confuses others, leads them astray. Such errors lead to a bad results. And only time will show him his place, but time is running out, and processes are slowing. But I love the speed!

People who are just sitting, doing nothing, waiting for the sun to shine, not learning, in result they can do nothing more than to contemplate a seizure of foreign spaces, and turn into parasites. And that is always sad! He or her displayed such potential, but time has gone, and nothing and they didn't learn anything, received knowledge began to work against them. How many of these people I've seen!

And I appeal to such people: if you can not bear and feel that knowledge turns into poisoned hell, go back into your homes to your earthly destinies, that is better become just good people. And each one will make something of their own. And you have a lot to learn on the Earth. Learn to love Nature and generate a Virtue in yourself.

I didn't want to create a doctrine for people because I thought that they could not identify themselves with the bodies, but it turned out the opposite. People, everyone, turned their attention to their bodies and found that much of it should be corrected. And if people have chosen this path, so be it.

The energy of the Mother's Expectation found a slightly different direction. And the physical nature, the nature of the Earth and the moral nature of human beings should be changed. And for that people need a teachings, works that through the subconsciousness and consciousness will help to correct people. And such main teaching will become The Teaching of LILITH about Virtues and Vices.

I will tell more about the Expectation energy of the Mother. The Mother always waits for her children, and she is ready to hear their needs and she waits from them understanding and transformation, liberation from a human condition, which is called selfishness to a human-giver. The Mother waits and believes that people will be able to move away from Adam carnivore and selfish beast, and will be opening in themselves PrimaryAdam, a human of full commitment, vegetarian, Creator.

The Mother expects from women their transformation from Eve, made as a clone of the rib of the second Adam - egoist. This Eve is not a human, but only a female animal, only worried for her offspring and confuses all the ways. The Mother Nature is waiting that Eve will make her decisive move to Lilith, and hear the weeping and call of LILITH, the Mother Goddess, the one who has millions of names, That First wife of the First Adam, that Lilith who is the Energy of Creation, the great inspirer and the Mother of all Living.

And if people will start to see and understand the firstborn Creators, who were created by the God of Gods and the Mother Goddess themselves, and what exactly they are carrying the gene of immortal life, if people be able learn to discern the natural and original firstborns from their miserable similarities and channel their energy and their aspirations to the true Gods, then the Atom of the New World will be expanding and fill the whole universe and the whole cosmos will blossom with creative thoughts. That's exactly what I, the Atomic Lady Lilith, dream of.

If a next person appears in my space, applying for those or others Gifts from the Mother, the Mother is always happy to respond. And her Energy of Expectation switches on. The Mother is waiting for a human as one of her own family to come and he says that he is coming.

And then he himself cancels his arrival, as a material deeds are appearing, that always happens as a challenge of this human about his purity of desire meeting with divine. In this case the Energy of Mother's Expectation comes back, and no longer will be given to the one who announced his arrival and desire to join to divine, world of the immortals. And it is not only in Divine world, in human and earthly plane is the same story. People love to throw promises, and do not execute them, sometimes just disappearing. All this leads to a loss of energy, which would not come back ever.

And then people ask themselves questions: why they couldn't make this or that? And you ask yourself the question: how much of expectation energy you have flushed down the toilet? And try to calculate this energy, and you realize - that would be enough to carry out all of your plans.

Killing each other through the energy of expectation you de-energize yourself and lead your lives in a hole, in which a torment of your soul and testing awaits you. As you sow, so shall you reap. The cosmic law is indefeasible.

And particularly now the loss of expectation energy is more frequent. As the world, thanks to all what's happening, slowly but surely moving to a new quantum space with a new laws, if the energy of expectation is not justifies itself and millions of terabytes of quantized energy are not passing from person to person, and go nowhere and back to their source, then be sure to wait for the conflict or war. What exactly is observed today.

The nature unlocked for all people her pantries. She was ready to reveal to them Her great treasures, but the men did not live up to Her expectations. And then She took back Her energy, and rolled up Her space for those who could not accept Her gifts. People, walking towards each other, are also destroyed the expectation's energy of each other with their gloomy egoism, with selfishness and stupidity, ignorance and lack of spiritual culture. The expectation's energy of almost all these people is over. This gives rise to a universal bankruptcy, callousness and indifference, and the universal life body disintegrates.

Tell me, who in Russia expects today anything from anyone? All are free and all are released. Everyone goes by own way. War, killings are worrying people a little. They ignite quickly and easily burn as a straw, and full indifference to the passions and pains of people reigns. Is this good or bad, you decide. Everyone decide himself his own way. A choice remains, and a many ways without the Energy of Expectation.

9.    A team by the Nucleus principle.

A team, which is made on the basis of the atomic nucleus is a new quantum system, and of course, as in the atom, the nucleus of such system is in a metastable, excited state. And this team lives and works not by the old laws of the linear equation, but it obeys the laws of the new nascent universe.

And this new world is already getting created by Nature, who's expectations are here and they are not vain. People feel that we have something going on. But what? Nobody can understand for sure. But they feel that I have something that could be picked up.

And these who wish privatize this creating world are already many. The world, and the new sun, and the new planet are already conceived and in invisible state, but there already a sea of colonizers. Nobody wants to help develop the system and projects. But everyone wants to sit at the feast, on the throne, and to enjoy the fruits of other people. An attempts to seize our world and our system is constantly being made.

But this time evil will not be logged in the system and no one, just like that, for free, will be able to receive a value of material world or a gifts of creativity, and get the spiritual world. First make your own contribution to the new world, and then see what you're fit for, claimant. You can not serve two worlds simultaneously.

Possible to extract from the material world and deposit into the spiritual world for its further development. But not vice versa. If a person count to serve his body and the material world, and thinks that in the spiritual world he can enter without investment and effort - this idea creates the most dangerous vice and the most dangerous desires that give rise to demonic essences.

Exactly this vice is very dangerous in creating the Nucleus of the new life. The world is now in a position where are not many people, people who are alive. There are a corporal forms of people, who are moving as if alive, but those who can see clearly not many. Some people have fallen so much because of permissiveness, so, being alive, became a representatives of non-living world, while others have turned to plants, and the third - to animals and also there are some people appeared - essences of all stripes, who are using practices and training acquired certain gifts, and these gifts have become used to the wrong targets.

We had to remove from our team many people who claimed on important roles and felt that everything I create is for them and that they have dreamed about it. Some just removed on a sufficient distance so as not to touch the development of the Nucleus and this great flow of thought's energy which simply blows the mind away from many. Others had to be removed forever, after repeating attacks and numerous attempts to give a chance to start all over again, nothing succeeded. People are not ready to live in collaboration with the divine energy and have a boorish consumer attitude to divine. They are raised as a feral animals, and believe that God exists for not just asking, but demanding from him. It is a legacy of the Soviet system. And religious rites in which there is constantly the word Give!. And there is desire to give so shreds would fly by all side-streets.

The energy of the Mother's expectation towards to some of the favorites was so great that it could help to build a castles up to heaven, would be possible to move mountains. And those who stood too close they've seen and could realize for themselves about the ongoing processes, and they understood and realized, but what prevented their final step? Why they could not go further?

But, alas! They didn't make this step, the own significance prevented them. The Mother Goddess can wait and forgive many times, but ones the bowl overflows and the Energy of Expectation goes back to the Source. This fault of the human himself, who not justified expectations. And the responsibility is only on him.

The Madame, to whom was given the gift of music composing for the previous life austerities is removed from the Nucleus. And she writes the music that connects people with the old earth and the past, and excites them to past memories and desires. When she received this gift for a penance that she performed for the God of Gods and the Mother Goddess, she promised to use and develop the Gift in order that people listen to the music, remember the past and, pass through themselves, leave it to go in the future.

But she started to abuse her gift, and being a ministerial angel, she start to confuse communications and put herself in the place of the Mother Goddess. As a result there is a confusion and there arises an ancient demonic entity putana that tries to harm the only just born world.

I appeal once again to Wikipedia:

Putana (Sanskrit putana) - a demoness in Hindu mythology, the daughter of Bali, king of Daityas. According to a legend, Putana tried to kill Krishna, when he was still an infant, feeding him with her breast, smeared with poison, but Krishna, along with the milk, sucked out the Putana's life.

Situations are always repeating. The Nucleus of the new world, the core of the Atom, until the first molecule is not created, is subjected to attacks, and Krishna child - is a carrier of the new world, of only just emerging time.

And if a person is given the gift of music, and the opportunity to serve the Mother Goddess, and the entity confuses itself and tries to hoist not into its place, greed grows in it. She believes that this gift gives her the right to sway the destinies of other people, and she can't stop, wanting to go further and have more. Her desires are ignite and grow. She uses the Gift to control the fate of the people, she is already decides instead of God, who has to be reborn, and who disappear, who with whom to connect, and wants forcibly subdue the one who decided to elect as her husband. Thus the entity pulls the laws of God and His power to herself. God gives her the appearance of such a power, so after to kill the entity, cut off her selfish head and put another. In the Indian Puranas the Lord Shiva cuts the selfish and vain head of his son and hoists on its place the head of an elephant. And there is Ganesh, kind and patient.

Our team is building by the Nucleus principle of the new Atom, and thus gets into the category of eternal and infinite in space and time. And you can be far away from us with your physical body. But with the soul be with us. And then a resonant oscillations in the Nucleus and any thoughts of the Atomic Lady are spreading between people with a speed exceeding the speed of light.

And quality of the new Nucleus and the Atomic Lady will open those abilities that had the Hyperboreans, who came to Earth from the constellation of Ursa Major, the true sons and daughters of God and Earth.

And already thought, like a lightning, sweeps across the universe: the Gods Parents of humanity are here, they are with you, people!

Author: Maria Lilith.

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.



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