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Chapter 12.
Quality Virtues Mother Lilith and their purpose.


Lilith's doctrine about Virtues and vices. 110. Virtue of Friendship - Greatness.

110.    Virtue of Friendship - Greatness.

1.   Touching this Virtue, I want to show:

•    All qualities of Greatness of person, what he has to be ideally and what he was at the time of creation. He and she, Adam Kadmon and Lilith.

•    And I, of course, will open for you all depth of falling of Adam Rishon and Eve. And in what world we are forced to live today.

2.   To understand Virtue Greatness it is necessary to understand and realize the extent of falling and humiliation of human reduced to level of animal, and after - a beast.

3.   From where there the beast appeared in human and how it acts? How it is possible to correct the situation and to return to people a lost GREATNESS.

4.   Whether there is such Virtue as GREATNESS in people today, or we observe everywhere only its imitation? Who of people can open Greatness in himself? And there are a lot more questions and answers will be opened for the people.

5.   Lately I often have conflict situations with people, with whom in this or that place destiny brings together. And the conflicts are arising on the next ground: people, without understanding, have turned into speaking machines, and scoop information from the Internet, TV and other sources, which on the whole distort events and just fabricate lies.

6.   To find a true information it is necessary to be a high-well-mannered person, reflecting and profound. Otherwise person scoops garbage and lies from information sources.

7.   And situation in our country oddly repeats from decade to decade. There is no even surprise any more, just shame for the people and country.

8.   There were exterminated and leaving the country some normal wise journalists, and left only half-educated persons, who even aren't able to speak normally. This process in our country lasts many years, and someone, who not having reason at all, chooses for a role of journalists just nice muzzles, or some agiotage and scandalous young people, and doesn't consider at all an experience of Soviet journalism when journalists were selected.

9.   Usually the young journalists that today work in newspapers, magazines, Internet editions and television, have no experience of life at all, don't understand events because they aren't able to think, and remind a mechanical, artificially working machines. You turn on TV and hear some blood-curdling shrieks and disgusting voices.

10.   All translations are far-fetched, they drive to fear or try to draw attention, you look and there are gossips, and a fashionable chatter. And at first it seems like absurd to people, but then they get used to this clearly expressed demonic culture.

11.   In general I was surprised how colleagues from TV quickly forget each other. As far as someone on horse all are fussing around him. But once you descend right there forget as though the colleagues not there. It is because today nobody able to be on friendly terms, and all are madly selfish.

12.   I will never forget and I won't forgive to our television the aunt Valya, which conducted the Good Night Kids broadcast and many other programs and was a person with pure soul. She was a Soviet person and couldn't be engaged in grabbing. And therefore when on the TV a fight and rivalry has begun, she has left. I was aquinted with her and came to her house when she has broken her leg. Nobody helped her, she was just forgotten.

13.   And she needed only a little. Good doctors, a kind relation. But she was thrown out by the colleagues, and she had to go to the country, to her sister where she has soon died. She appeared not in her world, but in another environment which was just fatal to her. Try to catch fish that lives in ocean and put to a small river. It is clear that it will soon die. Same the mother Valya, as children called her, same I called her.

14.   She lived for everyone so openly that she let in her house any person. And when we have got acquainted with her, she has right there invited me to her home. It means that she has been ready for Friendship with people. And people didn't want and couldn't be on friendly terms. They just used all such people, robed, betrayed and threw. So almost all journalists of the TV have betrayed the Friendship of famous and wonderfull television host mother Valya - Valentina Leontyeva.

15.   More I have nothing to add. I am tormented by the memory and pain of her premature death. But seems it doesn't torment the colleagues. Rare people are ready for friendliness, and prefer friendly relations. And absolutely few go with Friendship. And almost all of them perish. Other journalists are egoists and grabbers, and think only of money and glory. The journalists for a very long time have no professionalism conducting to morality and Friendship of all people.

16.   And a spontaneous meeting with such journalists evokes a feeling of deep rejection, as full incompetence, lack of thought processes, and simple repetition of information is felt. And it becomes absolutely unbearable if there are people who repeat words and phrases of these apology for journalists.

17.   Not so long ago I have met one elderly lady, who reads lots of modern reading-matter, and all stuffed with it. She can't keep this garbage and lies to herself, and gives it out as an absolute ultimate truth.

18.   It was very difficult to get from her something about her own life, as though the person has nothing to her name, but there are whole tanks of pseudo-knowledge of different today's, allegedly great persons, idols - please, be welcomed. Such small talks about nothing and nobody are just killing me As though people try to inflate soap bubbles.

19.   Such articles are written by journalists on request with purpose to earn money and they aren't sparing with praise. But behind all this false cooking there is a musty smell of rottenness, and the words aren't filled with sincerity and energy. For the sake of money the journalists are careless of themselves and the feelings of justice, they sell honesty, create a false Greatness for these who haven't even stand near this Greatness.

20.   It is very simple to check these persons. Find them, if you are able to find. Call them, if you are able call and offer a cooperation or Friendship, and you will see everything at once. You can be listened and politely refused, or will be sent off with abusive words. And this lady from Moscow wasn't speaking about her friends, but - of those to whom she will never be able to talk.

21.   When I tried to stop the woman she couldn't stop and, as if wind up, continued to pour on me this garbage, and stories about idols in which there is nothing that could get a response in my Soul because all their success is connected with quantity of money in their pockets.

22.   And the ways of achievement of this capital are closed for people. By what way and intentions they gained their millions? How many people they left offended and deceived? And instead of their true biography journalists have already cooked up some false legends.

23.   And people trust these false legends and think that it is their special talent has made them rich and well-known. But, as my ingenious father spoke: "Remember, daughter of mine, by honest work you will never be able to become rich on this Earth. Only deception of other people, contract with demonic forces, which demands to cross line of morals and decency and to commit crimes against God and human race, allows to grow rich in this world. And behind each rich person there is a hell force".

24.   But people don't pay attention to the most important, on what I and my father point to you, and he warned me that it is easy to fall, actually almost impossible to return back to own Soul.

25.   People are conducted by illusions because don't think, don't ask themselves questions, and don't reflect. All these stories and legends, made by dull journalists, are quite transparent, and if someone would attentively study any legend there will be thousands of questions, so he will soon find contradictions and no links.

26.   But people don't see a root and don't dig deeply, a popular print of happiness made in a hurry and for money is important for them. And with this popular print the lady from Moscow showered me.

27.   Then it was necessary to stop her by increasing my voice. But right there, in five minutes she would forget that she was stopped and begin once again to tell information where is no and never was a grain of truth. And I didn't know where to run from her.

28.   That is not just a desire to share knowledge, it is an effect of zombiing which takes away from human his own life, impressions about it, and foists hundreds of other idols who don't adjoin to his life at all, and all these idols are just balls inflated by human energy.

29.   At some point I managed to stop the never-ending stream of flow of her words, and the lady has begun to see clearly for a while. And at this moment she has suddenly declared that I behave not correctly. She has told that if I want to attract people to my side, then I shouldn't make conflicts with them and attract them the same as it is done by mass media and other leaders.

30.   And I have told her that I have no, and never had, any interest to attract people through manipulation of their feelings and curiosity as I am not going to gather around myself crowds of followers. For what all these modern leaders, prophets, messiahs and other pseudo activists gather crowds and herds of people?

31.   That is clear as noonday! That made to raise money from people. And in such situations the leaders of movements and trends, sects, business organizations, parties go on any fraud and tricks to entice as much as possible people and sometimes they create crowds of millions.

32.   They take that what can be taken and forgot about existence of that from whom they have taken. How it is called? It is not Friendship, not Magnificence, not Greatness. It is disgusting! That's called as you pleased, but only with indecent words. People swindled such way are called suckers. Good, kind, trustful people they call suckers and proud of themselves! It doesn't seem to you blasphemy? But what to do, we live in demonic world which people have allowed themselves.

33.   And all that naivety and deception have become a norm of life. And the lady didn't even understand that she has suggested to make something disgusting. I don't know if she has understood the sense of told by me or remained in own ignorance and egoism? But if to take this person in general, excepting her zombiing through mass media, she not at all was a bad person. Just her brain was absolutely bullshitted and washed out.

34.   Proceeding from this conversation, and other similar conversations with people, consumers of goods and information, I have drawn a conclusion that people drive each other to crimes against themselves, because they have absolutely forgotten about the main thing on what the world truly keeps, they have forgotten about Friendship and Participation.

35.   People have forgot to cooperate, and don't live any more, but pull each other's juices, mortifying each other. I have stopped cherishing any hope about creation of Union of Friends, and I try to look only for cooperation, but that also you won't find even with fire at day light. People have ceased to understand these relations. Cooperation for them is to sell something, to foist, force to work for them. And that's it. Sometimes it's even possible to go crazy from their narrow-mindedness. You ask a person what is cooperation and he is in stopper.

36.   As a last resort person says: "I write a book, publish me, tell about me". Well, what kind of cooperation is this? That is using! There even no symbiosis. There is a desire to extort your opportunities and that's it. Completely, as people say, fallen out of an oak tree.

37.   And if they aren't capable to be on friendly terms, or to cooperate, they mold your ears with unnecessary garbage about pseudo-idols, that is the same dirt which causes an allergy and other serious diseases. But people don't understand themselves and don't hear God. They get friendly relations just to pour out dirt on these who will listen to them.

38.   And therefore I make all possible efforts that through the Doctrine about Virtues and vices to attract people to pure spring of God, and I come back to story about Virtue - GREATNESS of GOD IN the PERSON. Please, attentively read these words and pass them through your soul. Where is your Greatness, people!!!

39.   Of course, Virtue Greatness results from life lived and directed to finding of true Friends of God and Friendship and service to Great and pure ideal. Greatness of person is a result of his course of life. What you have seeded - that you will reap, human! Judge them by their deeds.

40.   But there are such times when these who sows Great and Eternal to change the world have to sit in a barrel as Diogenes, and getting out of it, at day time with fire, look for a primordial person, because someone has already remade all the people after the own likeness.

41.   Somebody again has come to such powerful system of influence on people and on crowd, that is easy by means of particularly given information, he changes people under own requirements and necessities. And there comes such time when it is already difficult to find just a thinking and simple person, all are cut out by certain samples. What Greatness is here to speak of about?

42.   Если хотите познать Величие, прикоснуться к нему, настоящему, истинному, ищите в человеке Великий Замысел Будущего всего мира! Я имею в своем сердце и Душе, сей замысел. Но я хочу, чтобы этот замысел имели все люди планеты. Хотя понимаю порой, что это невозможно и все равно хочу.

43.   And therefore I choose from crowd a person, put him on my palm and if there is an emptiness in him, pour in him my plan, my Soul. I always did it quietly, without declaring my purpose to this or that elected one. They could not even guess. But there comes a moment of truth when I open the first veil, and tell that about what I was silent all life.

44.   Greatness is possible to pour in only through the soul, and would be possible to pour into many people and at once, but no such luck. People have rejected their Soul and spit on it, and it is so humiliated and offended that unclear how to revive it and return to people their GREATNESS. If your mission is INSPIRATION it is necessary to understand in whom it is possible to inhale the design. I inspire people, and myself I always work only in Inspiration, without INSPIRATION I can not do nothing.

45.   And therefore for me there have come hardest times, and when they were easy for such people as me? Not to lose Virtue of Soul, one of which is Greatness of God on Earth, it is necessary to create in Inspiration. Other way it isn't possible. The one who creates in INSPIRATION is GREAT, but the one who gives INSPIRATION to other people is even more GREAT. Without spending time he revives another tribe, the tribe of people of new consciousness and new world.

46.   Today everything that is in the material and spiritual world is estimated by money and is on sale. And many people sell their Inspiration and lose it and distort, and humiliate their Soul. But remember: INSPIRATION isn't ON SALE!!! And I gave my INSPIRATION and never sold.

47.   And many people used this. If I give, it doesn't mean at all that they should be rude, grab and wash off in own hole. Feeling of gratitude has to live with the person always, and he on gratitude is obliged to strive for Friendship and cooperation with me. But they took and disappeared. But once there comes an hour of justice and court when the INSPIRER sums up the results.

48.   Having reached the sum up of results of my life till the X hour, the hour of court, I have made for myself some important and consolatory conclusions:

•    Doesn't matter what happened in these years, what there were circumstances not in favor of life in Inspiration, and how I was tempted, I didn't sell my Inspiration and didn't trade the talents from God.

•    And thus I have held a spiritual core of Virtues in myself. Unfortunately, it is so easy to lose it, so difficultly to return! Do protect and appreciate your Inspiration, it is a Charisma! If you will begin to sell - you lose the Inspiration.

•    Every time when I ripened and revealed a new flower of knowledge and energy of my Soul, I appeared near a person devastated and poured in him my Inspiration, gave my Soul, counting on Friendship and cooperation, and received nothing of that sort.

•    Thus I have lost all material and have given away all my dreams and imaginations, but there with me remained my talents and ideals. And for a human that's already a lot. Imaginations vanish, dreams are getting executed, but ideals and talents are eternal. As people say, you won't spend on drink talent and ideals.

•    I gave my Inspiration to many people, and I already don't remember to whom I did these Gifts. But to everyone I poured in my qualities, hoping that they will get accustomed in him and will yield a harvest of Goodness. How many it has been written articles about different people, how many ideas was given away! And people have gone with it to their life, forgetting their teacher. But what will farther happen to them?

•    Now I have an advantage of judge, and they have appeared as defendants. They can tell nothing about me, though I am ready to meet everyone in a circle of people and to expose all questions. But they hide from me and afraid, because I have something to tell about them, but they have nothing.

•    And thus God during this time has put me on such place where they can't rise, owing to the sins and crimes created by them, about which not only I alone know. I can tell them and declare of their crimes, but people, many people know the same as me, but silent as you never know what might happen.

49.   Many people have received my Gifts, and I still expect what will turn out at the exit, when will these people return and bring me their fruits? I should hope and wait for many years until these my sprouts get accustomed and great fruits will be shown. So I hope, and count that among devastation one will appear bearing great fruits and he would correct the errors of previous doers.

50.   And then he will be able to bring together all of them, those whom I have inspired and to whom I have presented a flower from my Soul, and all of them will understand their sins and will really come to repentance, and a correction of Creation will happen. It will be my biggest pleasure.

51.   Once I had a dream similar to a vision that my first teacher has presented me an absolutely poorish and shabby dahlia, I have taken it in my soul, have brought home and put in a drinking bowl with water, and suddenly water in the bowl began to turn into grains.

52.   Yes, it can't be denied, many people know me and about me and believe in the same as I. Their belief strongly helps me, and help to that poorish shabby dahlia that has to yield big and unprecedented fruits.

53.   But many people to whom I have poured my Inspiration and my Design, which is the Soul, these people grabbed the energy of Design, and were inflated from own, as it seemed to them, Greatness, and have forgotten about that who have inhaled in them a new life and destiny, and they go by their way, undergoing sufferings.

54.   If the branch that grew from the tree of life and nourished juice of this tree suddenly will decide that it can live without roots, without the source, it is breaks off and soon fades and dries. How many of them there were of my branches, but where all of them? Many have received the Inspiration, but couldn't use it correctly. All went one by one. But here by one is not to pass. Cooperation and Friendship is necessary.

55.   As all decided that they can do now without me, with my fatal elited, those whom I called Friends, would happen a great trouble. They forgot me. But if you remember, ten leprous have come to Christ and he has cured them, and only two have returned to thank him. And they have recovered forever. The others have got sick again. Think why it happened so ?

56.   Very many people have received a charge of energy and a direction of movement in future from my power of Soul and from my Friendship with them, and a process of their take-off and movement towards GREATNESS has begun. But after their Greatness has disappeared and all of them have fallen. Why? Guess. The same process of gratitude was absent at these elects, and I have lost them. They came off roots. Fly to the sun, dears, but don't turn into ashes and dust of Earth. Don't forget your spiritual Inspirer!

57.   So, I look at results of my activity. My result of life today is quite sad. And Christ's words are remembered: "When I will come to Earth again as a thief at night whether I will find belief on Earth?" I want to add: Whether "I will find Friendship, or at least cooperation?" If I am able to be on friendly terms, it doesn't mean that those whom I have inspired and whom I have given a way and a new life are ready to Friendship and cooperation.

58.   And my bitter experience has shown that the elected by me, inspired by my ideas and grand design, have betrayed me, and as a result of the forgetfulness, ego and selfishness, all have burned out and somehow fall slowly into oblivion. The history infinitely repeats and gives the same error message since the time of Christ. Why?

59.   But how beautifully everything with everyone began! It is a separate subject and about it I will write in the second part of my book - the Doctrine about defects. For now we speak about GREATNESS on contrast with meanness, pettiness of people and their foolishness.

60.   I'm coming back to the Grand Design of Future which I pour into absolutely futile persons. Into a vessel blocked with old knowledges you can't pour anything. Therefore I come only to those people in which all their dreams have broken, who have lost everything.

61.   That's them who always interested me. And they look for me and find. For them, step by step, till they themselves didn't leave me, I poured in my Soul and was silent or opened the Design of my Mission on Earth to make from them my Friends and to glorify them.

62.   And force of the Idea concludes a return of GREATNESS of GOD IN HUMAN. The main purpose of Greatness and Idea of Future, a Dream one for all – return of God's Kingdom to Earth. I ask you to hear me. Human speaks about it in each prayer in the millennia, but there comes the time of not just prayers, but - doing. By their fruits you will find out about them!

63.   Only in a similar Idea, in this Dream, the Key which will return GREATNESS to each person is stored. One young man has written a song about this Key. "That is your Key! You keep it! It is your Key, there already a feast. That is your Key to a new world". Some these who have received my Key have told me that they have dullly spent it or have lost it at all.

64.   And I understand that it is necessary to return to everyone and to all at once the former GREATNESS. Just when you give to people this Key to happiness, they don't understand it and don't appreciate; or understand, adapt to this the material world and, as they speak, hammer nails with a latest computer. Ignorance prevents them to understand they should act. And having received from me this Key, they behave as animals when you give them food.

65.   But if a person hasn't acted boorishly, as an animal, and Discovery of his Spirit and Soul happens only to him, he becomes as if naked by the Soul and comes to crowd, and the crowd tear him to pieces. If the person alone, by means of Inspiration reaches a spiritual enlightenment, and the Virtue of true Greatness sprouts in him, then a beast rises in the people around him and begins to be ferocious.

66.   And though the millennia have flown by, even today GREATNESS on Earth is shown only in few individuals, especially at the moments of total eclipse of consciousness, in the moments of ignorance and recklessness, people, who since the birth have in themselves Virtue GREATNESS, are born. During life it grows and reveals as a fiery cosmic Flower, invisible to people. But they feel it by some intuition.

67.   If the person on Earth is a true Friend and has God and Mother Nature in his Friends, he Is already magnificent. In him GREATNESS of GOD is hidden. But only Mother Nature, Mother Earth and God will know about his GREATNESS.

68.   People can not even have the sense who before them, and not understand such person. On the first phase of his life among people he can be a full laughing-stock, strange, cranky, not similar to them by his behavior. Only this way he will be able to survive.

69.   And therefore in Russia there were blessed people, whom treated with fear and didn't touch them. But behind a mask of bliss the GREATNESS of GOD on Earth hid, take on example Seraphim of Sarov, Ksenia of Petersburg and other God's people.

70.   But if the person shows to crowd own strangenesses, and is in boiling of usual life, he differs from ordinary people, he is not such as them, and they don't want to accept him and to understand as he different of them. They will scoff at him and peck him. And the person needs to pass all this to come to the second phase of his Virtue.

71.   Those who will be near him for long time will know him by his deeds. Usually if people for some reason begin to live together with such person and can see him constantly, they begin to understand his GREATNESS. If such person abandons people, soon they will begin to see flaws and defects of each other, will begin to row and won't be able to stand each other for long. If he among them, their defects are covered by him as by God's cover. But at the same time there is an internal work with everyone.

72.   Sometimes ordinary people, consumers, cover defects of each other and unite with each other against the world and other people through their defects. And these are big friends. They can be friends in alcoholism, smoking, drugs, money, dissoluteness. And their relations will last until someone doesn't leave these defects. Then they will part forever.

73.   But generally people can't bear each other and, as people speak, making each other's life a misery by nagging, spoil each other's nerves, they are ready to destroy each other, expect the death of seniors. And life of people reminds a hen house where everyone tries to fly up as high as possible, to push off the neighbor and to befoul the lower.

74.   If in that kind of society appears a person with Virtue GREATNESS, the society changes and reconstructs on other mode. At beginning people are all uniting and try to throw off all own defects on such person, same as all their crimes people have dumped on Christ, having accused him of own sins and thus having exonerated themselves.

75.   But if there for a long time near a group of people a person with Virtue Greatness will be, live with them as Christ lived with apostles, the people begin to see clearly and understand what they didn't understand earlier. They begin to see by spiritual sight an inner world of Virtue GREATNESS. But periodically the spiritual sight gets closed as though a gate falls, and in ignorance an animal with whom it isn't so easy to cope rises.

76.   Gumilev has a very exact verse on this phenomenon. The verse is called: "A magic violin". In the verse talks about birth of GREATNESS of God in Human.

77.   GREATNESS shown by the only person in the company of ordinary vicious people is like a poison, and all forces of hell, all defects in people rise against such person. And he has to have all force of Virtues to constantly beat all defects, and to advance powers of darkness by several moves forward, to expect their actions.

78.   Otherwise it is enough to weaken a little, and you will be crushed and broken to pieces by people who just yesterday listened to you and, as it seemed to you, understood you. Your weakness will grant them a right to kill you.

79.   And this history repeats from century to century. Attentively read this verse and hear yourself for the first time frankly. What there has responded, what there began to gnaw you, what defects have risen in you, what was wounded? Catch them, in yourself! It will be your first victory over them.

80.   The speech, of course, goes not about a physical violin, it is about GREATNESS of God in Human, actually about God's phenomenon on Earth. And this phenomenon right there evokes animals and monsters, vampires and ghouls that hide under masks of people, and they won't stand God's Phenomenon as it will mean their death.

       Magic violin.
To Valery Bryusov

      Lovely boy, you are so cheerful, your smile is so light,
      Don't ask about that happiness poisoning the worlds
      You don't know, you don't know what is this violin,
      What is dark horror of an originator of game!

      One who once has taken it in imperative hand,
      Has that serene light of eyes disappeared forever,
      Spirits of hell like to listen to these regal sounds,
      Mad wolves roam about the road of violinists.

      These strings, ringing strings should sing and cry eternally,
      Eternally the mad bow has to fight and curl,
      Under sun, and under blizzard, under growing white surf,
      And when the West burns and when the East flares.

      You will be tired and you will slow down, and for an instant singing would interrupt,
      And you won't be able to shout, move and sigh —
      Immediately mad wolves in blood-thirsty frenzy
      Will seize the throat by their teeth, will rise paws on your breast.

      You will understand then as everything that it sang has spitefully laughed on,
      In your eyes an overdue, but dominant fright will look.
      And sad mortal cold as fabric will wind around the body,
      And the bride will start to sob, and the friend will think.

      Boy, further! Here you won't meet either fun, or treasures!
      But I see — you laugh, these looks — two beams.
      Here, own a magic violin, look in eyes of monsters
      And die by a nice death, by a terrible death of violinist!

81.   Such are people, a lot of atrocity hides under their smiles. Today we observe inconceivable atrocities in families, on wars, among apparently ruling people and elite, who have to be high-organized beings. But …

82.   It is similar to a mental illness when all forces of hell in person are open, and they come out through people and don't hide themselves any more. Dreadful acts are made by people, and about GREATNESS there is no even talk any more.

83.   But when these people-animals one by one come out in society of other people we often observe strange metamorphoses: vicious people behave beautifully, gallantly, culturally, trying to show best qualities and thus work for public as actors on scene.

84.   This show confuses inexperienced people, they are bought on this or that ostentatious person - an actor, and then, having faced closer, understand that they were mistaken. But sometimes it happens late.

85.   I saw a set of cases of people which, for example, are aggressive and vulgar boors in atmosphere of their house, or on the contrary -passive, and don't show any abilities, just a free supplement to TV. Watching them, you understand that they are as if disconnected, and appear before their own people such as they actually are.

86.   But it is enough only to pull out this person on public, in society, as he as though connects to some invisible socket. And here he is already unrecognizable. A complete antithesis to what we just observed.

87.   Energy of public, society, affects a certain human element in him, and he starts as machine. And here before us a phenomenon, a show, a smile, a gallantry, everything that you want, or - on the contrary: a rivalry, a diligence, a desire to prove to be better when others, desire to draw attention to own person and to attract praises.

88.   And there is no more boor, aggressor and idler. A transformed person speaks so strongly and fascinating as though sirens sing. You will listen with delight. And involuntarily you begin to believe the person and his words, though just an hour ago it was a last reptile, and a scum.

89.   But we shouldn't delude ourselves, as such phenomenon happens only till the time while there is public. Not a person, but a double-dealing fellow, from cattle suddenly turns into magnificent person. But don't trust such glorificators.

90.   The public has broken up, and an element is switched off as in a camera, and light in the soul of this person dies away. And he comes to his relatives, and this is already not a smiling and kindest open person, there is an animal before you. And the more he span on public, the more bright and white teethed his smile was - the more furious he appears at home.

91.   Why does it happen? Why without public he is not only disconnects, blows off, bursts as a soap bubble, but also flies into rage?

92.   The matter is that his relatives aren't for him that peephole of a movie camera as public. With his own people everything for him is already clear, little it is possible to receive from them, and there is nothing to wait for, but public…

93.   But what this animal hidden in person wants to receive? What does he look for on public and in public? And why he puts on so fine mask of virtuous, kind and open person?

94.   Know, he looks for that Virtue about which I have begun with you this conversation. In the opinion of public he looks for his former GREATNESS, as in own eyes and the eyes of his relatives he is insignificant. And he can't take his own pettiness because remembers the own GREATNESS.

95.   Unfortunate fallen Angels who have become animals, what has induced you to become like that? All of us here on Earth are fallen, even if we go with Mission, all the same life on Earth makes us like that and deprives us of our GREATNESS. Christ was also deprived of GREATNESS of GOD ON EARTH and humiliated, ordinary people in whom an animal of envy and rage has hidden have crushed him with crucifixion.

96.   We will sort this subject in more detail. So, there isn't on Earth any person who wouldn't look for his lost GREATNESS. All want to live as not insignificant creatures, goats, whisks, tramps, laying. Each man, boy and old man, girl, lassie, woman and old woman want to be Great in own eyes, - in the eyes of world, people's and God's eyes.

97.   They might not even guess and show animal qualities, bad temper, but actually behind all this a bitterness and pain of loss of GREATNESS hides.

98.   But why losses? After all, once they were all like that, all such people had GREATNESS. But there a falling of mankind had happened, and GREATNESS has vanished from Earth.

99.   Millennia have passed since then, but in genes and human nature there is a record which can't be erased. And therefore all fight and blood, nerves, and pain is an aspiration to return GREATNESS to themselves by any ways.

100.   Let's look how many people artificially try to obtain their GREATNESS, and glorify themselves in the opinion of society. Such people honestly or not honestly, by any ways, acquire money, capitals, seek to receive as much as possible power, and do everything possible and impossible to become over people. An artificial rise they give for their GREATNESS.

101.   Presidents, governors, even officials of different links, oligarchs, and other rich and poor people aspire to power and wealth only to become Great.

102.   They want to see in own eyes and in invisible eyes of God the own GREATNESS. And, of course, they want to win by means of such methods a GREATNESS from people. But if people feel that the person has come to power and money not by the God's laws and doesn't share with own people, aren't their benefactor, but does evil to people, then people humiliate him mentally and verbally.

103.   And governors and rich men then revenge to the people, and for the revenge of feeling own humiliation in the opinion of people, put the people for a role of cattle and do everything so in reply to humiliate and lower the people, that further there would be already nowhere.

104.   On humiliation of people and its trampling in dirt all mass media work. Also a seduction of juveniles is committed, seduction of people by money and power by dissoluteness, so that the people became cattle.

105.   And then a governor, a rich man can deceive themselves and tell themselves, having bitten in own breast, that he is GREAT and people - savages and animals. And who is him? A Great, a different! But all this is an imitation and artificial performance, as on a scene. But the performance is over, and the Greatness created by theater of one actor has disappeared. And there is already an old man stands, sick and needed to nobody.

106.   Well, and now I want to return to falling of all human race. Without this history we can't understand nothing and can't discern truth by our eyes. How it occurs?

Read the continuation on the following link: http://www.lilit12.ru/lilitt_uchenie_12_3_27_2en.htm

Author Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 9 MAY 2016
Text translated by Maya Nikolaeva.

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