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Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

Russia - Ukraine.

Howl at men. Consequences.

Russia - Ukraine.
Howl at men. Consequences.

Someday you will remember this, and would be ashamed of yourself.

I was silent for a long time, but I can not avoid the theme of the war between Russia and Ukraine, in which every day drawn more and more people and countries. And this war could turn into sworn hatred of people to each other and the universal embittering on the planet Earth, which will lead to the collapse of civilization. Now of no use to explain anything to the belligerents because each side has its losses, and each side is ready to take revenge and to kill, kill, and hold court.

With that, to tell the truth, the soldiers on both sides, of the Ukraine and Russia, have gained enough ignorance and consequently low levels of intelligence. Now on the Internet appear a video records, which marked with the word - exquisite. How is that possible to reach such point of ignorance and cynicism to call such terrible scenes exclusive.

How do I treat the young, not even yet men, who is at the level of development of animals. I don't care to which side they belong, but there are a recordings of questioning of the bloody boys, in which same poorly educated and ignorant guys are asking moronic questions with the voices of backward creatures, through which spills out nothing but the most common at this point desire to be at the helm of these poor wounded and terribly beaten half-humans.

And it's so shocking to see such level of human soul that involuntarily I want to take a big willow and whip the both sides with this willow, and disperse everyone to their homes - to learn and educate.

But these boys are not so guilty for committed by them violent and lacking of culture actions in which they assert themselves with their ego. To blame are there those leaders - leaders of the various organizations from around the world, including the European Union, and the American, Russian and Ukrainian, all those who may consider themselves as educated and civilized people. What do they thinking of? Do they understand that they gave the globe in the hands of ignorance and have withdrawn themselves? And these who are almost children took power and sensing blood of course brutalized.

Is that not time to stop brutality, which grows at a rate of cancer, of parviscient and ignorant people. Look at their appearance, on the brash movements and voices, in which a shrilling metal of screaming children and adolescents. Those who can call themselves an adults should stop these teens by showing them the consequences.

If one of the people, who do not understand the world and life, ask me whose side I'm on, I will answer: not on anyones, because I am Mother, Mother of all the living, Mother Nature lives in my soul. How Mother can see her children getting killed, how can she rise up against any of her child, no matter how primitive he may be? It would have been unthinkable. But Mother Nature also has her limits of endurance, and if this limit is crossed by her children, she commits an act of overthrowing her children and all living things on the planet. Are you waiting for this hour, when the cup of endurance and patience will overturn on your heads?

For Mother Nature that is hard to see all the little children, boys who are going to kill each other. I watch different documentaries, and I'm hurt for those beautiful boys from Ukraine, who have such an inspired faces of warriors, ready to give their lives for Ukraine. They opened up in themselves the spirit of warriors, but did not open their wise mind. And they die like a spring flowers, without reaching their full potential of warriors of Light, as war can be compared with the fierce chill for such an early flowers of spirit. They believe those who are their teachers, commanders, and getting filled with a spiritual content to be immediately killed?

Indeed, today is enough just to look at the faces and hear the voices of people to understand who says it and what kind of human holds a gun. And I do not care what uniform is on him and to which army he belongs to. These all are the children of the Earth, my children. In this war I see a good kind faces with a smart eyes and see a moronic and stupid faces of undeveloped and ignorant guys. They say that they were released from prisons for that war.

Yes, such a strange combination of nobility and ignorance, rudeness and simplicity, just kills. After all, in fact, there are boys with a high sense of patriotism, who consciously goes to defend the Motherland Ukraine, and if these guys are killed - the heart breaks. And no matter from which part are they. I just feel sorry for these really good boys, who would be better to live happily ever after and plant goodness on their land. And those who really lost their shame and honor, who are fighting for the sake of their bitterness or for money, their death atones for their crimes, and for them it is like to get rid of themselves.

God! If you watch documentaries - so much blood, so much cynicism and hatred in the souls of both sides! They just breaking loose, just kill each other, brother kills brother, and why? Everyone has the answer within himself. Everyone knows that the matter is not in external factors, the answer lies deep inside as an animal and it comes out to crash and kill everyone and everything. Already no one will negotiate, while the leaders will not be able to accomplish something what is beyond, to solve this problem, taking into account not only economy and politics but the value of life of any living creature, even the most horrid one.

If these boys are mistaken are go to fight for their country and freedom, and it's frankly, they are going to give their lives for higher values, such as the home, freedom, glory, honor, dignity and conscience, you know, even if it is mistake, and all these values are not existing in the outside world, but they took them into their hearts and truly fought, not realizing what they are doing, they will be forgiven by God, because they died for the high moral qualities, which they have gained in their hearts, as virtues and go with them to high heaven's worlds.

If someone does not believe it is their problem. But it is the truth. And the one who risen a hand on their values will live in the down world and be a part of the planet's magma, and hit the Earth, and his rising to the surface will be long and tormenting. All is simple, all is natural and all is possible to count in measurement of time. Stop your hand, soldier, don't rise it for killing! But if you got steeped in ignorance - you'd be struck down and that is your best way out.

In the Indian epos Mahabharata the hero Arjuna fought against his own relatives and he fought together with God Krishna. And he won in that bloody and scary war. He fought not with people but with vices and ignorance, which filled the people, his brothers and his close relatives. That is most extreme case from which humanity comes to a planetary catastrophe and it should not happen. War - it is always an extreme method of God, when there is no longer any hope. But if you look on what happened through the eyes of the Mother and the eyes of God approximately next picture is drawn: God gives lessons in such a cruel way, hear me, God and Mother Nature, and not a secret rulers! And suffer and collide a boys and guys who do not have a hatred for each other, and in the interests and lessons of rulers they kill each other. And God gives them the opportunity accomplish these actions. But remember, there are consequences in any action.

If a person goes by his soul and by nature of Truth, all his actions have their direct reflection to the fate of the world. Not by chance I remembered again the time of my youth, when I worked as a teacher for the so-called Vocational Technical School guys, who were similar to soldiers, who fight today in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

These VTS-guys were complex adolescents 15-17 years old, with behavioral problems, teachers could not cope with them, as only basic animal instincts ruled over these teenagers. And I was asked to take more and more new subjects, so that I could teach these difficult kids, in the souls of which was a lot of cynicism, hatred, anger and sexual desires.

And, in connection with the events in Ukraine and Russia, comes to mind one of my lessons of aesthetics, the essence of which is transformation of animal-like creatures in men. Everything I did in my work as a teacher at the vocational school, apply to all or almost all life situations of today's world and society. And this lesson reminds me the situation with Russia and Ukraine, and other countries that are trying to stop the war and can not, as a flywheel is already unwound.

The guys came for my lessons with such look that is impossible to call otherwise when animal's. They did not see any teacher or class and cooked in their basic instincts of surviving, desire of sex, food and lot of divertissements with self-affirmation of their animal instinct. In these times the educational institutions for such teenagers called VTS, there were studying those who could not go studying in technical secondary schools or institutions.

These were a boys from dysfunctional families, where for sure someone was drinking or worse, the father was in prison, and his mother drunk. Broken and rude teenagers, boys only, a group of 30 people, broke into the class, driven by animal instincts of flock and together represented a dangerous animals. And I had to make from them people, to recreate, reformat, kill animals and design a future people, then to give them a different subjects and teach them in the way they should go.

In the state in which they were coming to study at the vocational school, it was impossible. My director was for me almost as a God, because he understood what I'm doing and covered all my activities. He only said: "Look, if someone dies, you'll go in jail. I will say, I did not know what Maria Karpinskaya was doing in the classroom."

And I had to create something out of the field of miracles. My lesson of esthetics was called "Rape of women." The war between Russia and Ukraine - a continuation of my lesson that came out of the framework of the vocational school and now it acts out in the world, and the woman is the Mother Nature itself that these students-soldiers crumble and destroy on the earth and in themselves. And the question is: for what?

Poet Vladimir Oksikovsky said in his song: "There is a bloody and terrible war and there is no bottom in this massacre. A handful dies for the motherland, for the freedom - a dozen. But for whom is the rest of the war? And I will answer: "For a lesson."

Inside of everyone sits a fascist, in every boy, teenager, adult male, and even in old man is sitting a Nazis and until they are knocked out of the consciousness of the people, before they will be not taken out from the inside world of every human, they will hate the nature, the people and these who similar to them. War and blood - that is extreme measure. Could be invented something else?

Lets see how long time ago, in soviet time, I knocked out of the minds of teenagers the Nazis and evil beasts. And maybe you too will understand a bit more deeply about events and about war. So they went to my aesthetic's lesson "Rape of women" in an elevated state of aggression. They were ready to rape all the women. And here in front of them was a woman, teacher, who offers during two lessons not to learn, but to dream up on the topic of how to rape a woman and where. Such my non-standard training invoked in them trust and openness. That was their theme of life, they craved for it. And I only added fuel to fire. For two hours of unwinding of the topic, for two hours, which for me were equal to thousands of years and bitter aftertaste in my soul, I was harmed by their basic poisons of demonic imagination as by arsenic, but tolerated and drunk this poison, holding it somewhere in the throat, not letting further. I waited for the last 5 minutes of the pair of two lessons of 45 minutes. I tried not to hate these vicious and debauched wild fascists.

And when was inly the last ten minutes left, their raging fantasy was directed by me to the very slippery chasm in their souls. "Now let's listen in one cute musical work as a whole regiment rapes a pregnant woman" - I said. They were thrilled! Are they not Nazis? And they are just fifteen years old. And I put on a scene of rape of a pregnant woman in the musical "Star and Death of Joaquin Murrieta" And they roared with delight. They shook with frenzied desire to do the same. Were there any of these who would not want to participate in this terrible experiment of which they were unaware and took it as reality? No. In all the time there was no one who would be in uproar. This is the effect of crowd. And that is the same with Ukraine and Russia. The experiment has gone too far, they are mixed up everything. If not yet late... or it is late already?

After such horror my last word was coming, my main lesson through which they become very different, and Nazis in them just died, and the animals in their souls fled. And my speech was only in one simple phrase: "And now, the consequences!" and I did put on, with the highest volume of all the speakers, a heart-rending and inhuman cry of the raped pregnant woman, which sounded to them like a curse. And their soul immediately recollected itself through the curse: "Don't be born, my son!!! Don't be born!!! In the ashes of the unborn turn!!!"

And I was leaving the class-room. Behind the doors was heard the roar and howl of adolescents. This is not a fairy tale, this is the reality of my lesson of aesthetics. They fell under their desks in the same herd as bellowed over their perversions, over feminine nature. And they were not just crying, but howling as raped women, and through this howl and this pain the war inside of them stopped. And in following times before me appeared a people who realized the lessons of truth, they were serious and sad and grown up, and even wise, with whom was possible to talk something about, and to teach to something.

Same in the situation with Russia and Ukraine - that is fascism in both sides, and that war goes primarily inside the people and outside it finds such a terrible shapes. That is a hatred to themselves, to their empty and hopeless life that they gave for no reason, not even for a pinch of snuff, to someone who they do not even know, and they let into their souls some fascists and animals.

Most disgusting thing in this whole story of the war between Russia and Ukraine - is the fact that a scoundrels are trying to use the people's grief and slaughter, they immediately try to make money on the war.

And these rascals from the largest to the smallest, those who have already organizes an excursions and trips to the places of battles and human pain, do not even realize what they are doing and what kind of karma they earn. A Media tries very hard here.

And the question arises by itself: who is to blame?

Who is to blame in the war between Russia and Ukraine?

Someone has started the war first, it was picked up, someone first lied and said lie about another one. The Media started to lie. Lie on the top of lie came to the point that no one can realize: where is truth and where - lie. There are many versions about the crashed plane, and I give them:

   •   The Boeing was shot down by Ukrainian troops.

   •   The Boeing was shot down by Russian troops.

   •   The Boeing was lifted up specifically with dead people, and shot down by Russians to get Ukraine in wrong.

   •   The Boeing was lifted up specifically with dead people, and brought down by Ukrainians with Americans, to get Putin in wrong.

   •   The Boeing flew with living people and was shot down by an aliens.

You realized that it is possible invent a dozens of versions, wipe traces, draw attention away from one country to another, and - on third, and finally, to an alien invasion.

When so much lies and blood on the souls, when everyone wants to tell to the world that he is honest, and it is clear that no one would admit his own fault; when everyone will roll the barrel of the blame on the other, and to shield himself - what to do in such case?

And here I remembered my wise, kind and strict father, who resolved such situation in a small forms - in our family. And why not use it on large forms? I'll tell you how he taught all of us a good lessons: three children, of which I was a girl and the eldest one, and two brothers, one of whom was as crafty and cunning as a fox, and always managed to mud the waters, put us against each other, and then get out dry of the water.

For sure the father knew about his cunningness and intrigues, but he didn't expose him, he acted quite unusually. For example, he gave us a big mutual work, which resulted in disagreements and disputes. I was the most obedient daughter of my father and did everything from my heart, and worked more than everyone, but all quarreled. I know that everything was arranged by our brother. And instead of the joint venture, we are sorting out our relationships. Father comes and everyone, excitedly loud, tell him the own truth. And what's interesting - everyone is right. Our cunning intriguing brother could relate his lie most truthfully, changing all to his advantage.

That seemed impossible for a normal person to understand who speaks lies, and who is telling the truth. Our brother was a quitter and did not like to work, but drew himself as a most hardworking and obedient son of his father, and he drew us in black color so skillfully that at times I had a strange turn in my consciousness, and I already didn't believe to myself and to my own eyes and to the speeches of my youngest brother. All ideas turned with upside-down precision. And there was no point to prove something.

And then our father was making such a decision: he did not investigate who is telling the truth and who is lying, and, in terms of general chaos and ugliness, sentenced us all to the same punishment: each received either three tawses, either one hour of standing with knees on the peas.

That was also a choice, and in the second case there was a possibility to ponder to realize a mechanism of lie and upheaval of all conceptions.

After father divided the three of us and was given a different task to everyone, and everyone had the same task. And he'd say that he doesn't believe to our words, not to me, nor to brothers, but would believe to our deeds. And we should compete with each other who'd be better and quicker to make this or that. The one who better and quicker would reach a result is right.

The matter is that I wasn't afraid from his peas or tawses, but I demanded the justice and searched the truth, but to find it in arguments was impossible. I felt my triumph and knew that justice will win if judge by actions, and thanx to father I'd be satisfied by the truth's victory. And that was enough for me and my brother to cover with shame the lie of another brother and show him his place.

I think that country rulers should invent something similar if they're really want to stop the approaching threat to the world, someone should fulfill the mission similar to my father's in our sort-outs.

There is need to lead the consciousness of fighting people in another direction to restore the truth and justice on Slovenian earth. Sometimes very small contains big and this small works same as very big.

I am Mother, Nature itself lives in me and I can't take sides as the Media do. Now they make such a reportages from which one could nothing understand, as if all countries got dull and can't give us a clear picture of events. And it seems to me that many Medias are not mistaken, but just lie and invent anything that comes to their head. There is not much of intellect in young reporters and when you look at these reportages and think: "Whom are they talking about? What is it about? Who are these fascists?" All has mixed in the countries and on the earth, war and world, life and death, comedy and tragedy.

And even before death, preparing to kill someone, the people became completely out of hand, that a soldiers movie-lovers are filming their victims. And to kill became same easy as to pee on the nature, in front of whole Nature and living soul. All the vices got bare, and turned out that there is nothing saint in people's soul, only dirt, emptiness and fascism.

What are the Media? Nowadays they can make any illusion. There' be standing five people, but it's possible make an effect of crowd. Possible change any idea and, with one movement of button, exchange it on the opposite. And again I bring an example from our television work.

We were participating in a function dedicated to Vladimir Visocki as a Media Sponsors and made a diary of the evening. On this evening I said about the loss of holiness and virtue, and that there less and less remains of these qualities in people. And I called the audience as my peers. The people took my speech warmly and applauded. I went out from the microphone a little stooped, thus giving tribute to the holy prophet poetry of Vladimir Visocki. A member of our team has decided not to show me bowed out of the holy act, and cut out, leaving only the performance and the beginning of the clap. And the whole meaning has sharply changed. The applauses were cut out and began to seem that I'm talking about the most important, and the people do not care, they don't even respond, but bullying.

Here you have a little thing that completely changes the meaning of what was happening. Same are all the filming about the war. How can one believe them? And one needs it to be authentic, so even the pickiest viewer, like me, would be satisfied? Who will come up with a solution so people would find truth and justice?

I know that all wars end in peace. And the hour, and the day when you will be able to understand all would come. Your kids will remember about this war and all its truth and lie will manifest. And you will be ashamed of yourself and sorry for the committed very much, because it does not matter will you die, or live, but your children will hear and feel your pain.

I am Mother Nature who ruled by my Bryansk forest, where I was born, and this forest with one of its part is on the territory of Ukraine, and ones before this place belonged to the province of Chernigov, on the other hand - Belarus comes out in 10 km, and the village Semenivka is already Belarusian. Me and my forest can not be divided into three parts, because my nature is one and my forest is also united. And today it again rustles severely, and threatens the wicked men to bring them out from the face of the earth.

Think again, my sons! You are the ordinary men, you are the people! And you're all mine! Don't hurt each other! That is not many of you. Who do you leave then to look after my Bryansk forest, in which lives and waites for you thousands of miracles!

Look at the consequences which are awaiting for you all when rage and anger will go away and I - Mother Nature, with all the power will come into your souls, how you will howl and how you will talk to me?

The author of the article Maria Karpinskaya. August 1, 2014.

Translation Of Maya Nikolaeva.


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