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Verses and prose
of Maria Karpinskaya

The poems about Lilith

Verse first.
Cry of Lilith for a lost sound.

Beloved, unbearable pain of loss.

Where are you? I'm ready to search.

Descend in pandemonium I'm ready,

And realise the power in laws of faith,

So that the trace of your beautiful legs

I would be able to find in darkness of ways.

With which words to convey the feelings?

They were born somewhere in the depths.

There were no these words!

They don't exist in nature, died in holy fire.

But I hear the SOUND of your footsteps,

It bolted in my heart.

How can I extract it and listen?

It's like a child quietly breathes.

My sound shouts, gripped in vice.

The bend of which wrist

Can split the locks?

The sound was lost in dark ages,

And became a slave of invisible shackles.

It tied as Prometheus with chaines.

The years go away in surprise, by days.

The vultures, giving rise to pain, are peck

And doesn't give a moment's rest.

The pain hides its voice and sound.

What kind of touch of lips would need here?

The touch of which keys

To open this cherished brook?

Cry, my soul, pray!

Of tear-dewdrops do not be ashamed.

And flap the wings for the last time.

With centuries of darkness you shake off this dream,

Breathe in the entire life of the earth!

You try only one time

To reach the tops!

Soul, give me my sound in the ring

Then you'll see your face!

All beauty that I saved in it,

While lived, breathed and loved you.

I beg you! Hear my cry and moan!

Oh, VOICE, my idol and my executioner!

Tell me the truth. Don't lie.

I'll pay you back all the debts.

I ask so little in return -

Only one sound of soul without walls.

And that's all what I'm asking.

I bear the pain of earth under the heart.

Shake off the planet malevolent force.

Well, I'll take the mystery of sound in the grave.

No need discoveries in knowledge.

Let happen to a course of events.

Let life to enter in the law of Christ.

Each one will write it from blank sheet.

I ask a sounding MOMENT OF LOVE!!!

Do destroy the covers of walls, tear off!

Take instead my mind, passion and soul.

Believe, the law of love I will not break.

Door open to the the earthly lights,

Sanctify everyone with your beam.

Lead me in underground's depths.

In the dark ages I tear the ring of routine.

I'm ready to cross DEAD RIVER!

Take everything away, open all ways with love!

I'm giving vow, and you REMEMBER,



Verse second.
Answer for the call of Adam.

The mystery lost by spirit

You can't snatch out from the earth,

If not overpower the sad way.

Father - Great mind,

Try again, Create!

Bring to yourself Beginning,

And open door of soul!

Remember what happened

Between the Spirit and the Earth?

There a space appeared

With Great and Mysterious Soul!

Tell why a miserable likeness

For the sake of yourself

You created?...

So to extinguish unknown, bright,

That you yourself didn't understand and didn't love.

Born out flame of tenderness

Of beautiful, young and nude


Killed by you in Eternity

With Great and Mysterious Soul!

Unspoken - you did not take

And cursing, turned into a Gorgon.

Mirrored shield you dressed in crown,

And had shed blood in own Bosom.

Eve emerged "from Adam's rib"

And fell in the mirror with a dream

Have turned in shadow that I loved,

With Great and Mysterious Soul!

All changed in the Star world

And You forgotten your Great Work.

Humiliated became a Lyre.,

Lies as a Mystery with big soul.

Your path outlined with a circle

The mind suffers with itself,

Forgetting that the door to beloved, to friend,

Lies in the mystery, with a big soul.

The visions of the world became a load

....................... But reviving the Muse,

You didn't find Fire.

Find who needs it,

To put the heart in the palm.

Give all the blood of universe to Lilith!

Your peace is in her,

In the one who has always been incorruptible,

With Great and Mysterious Soul.

If you want to find peace, love -

Destroy the limits and give dreams

And Fire of tenderness, it will be Yours!


Verse third.


So... the fight is over?

Thousand-years as a gift - PAIN...

Dear! Taste my Salt.

MARIA - my name is SADNESS.

MY LOVE! Look into my EXPANSE!

Protect my blood!

I open the door to novelty.

You'll see in the dark - LIGHT!

You'll learn about what is not there!


Come into me - there is a SYLLABLE.


Love Me Again!

Skin like a silk - shudder!

You are in Me and disappeared lie!

Here existing in GOD.

Passion exposed. We are strict.

There is no one - SILENCE...


Author: Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 1995.


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