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Chapter 12.
Quality Virtues Mother Lilith and their purpose.


Учение Лилит о Добродетелях и пороках. Дружба

108.    Virtue - Friendship.

1.   I want straight away to divide two different concepts, that people didn't confuse and knew that there is a big gap between human and divine concepts, but terrestrial friendship and conception of friend has to seek for a divine manifestation of Friendship, though quite seldom it happens. So two concepts of Friendship and I Friends.

   1).   A Virtue of Friendship and a concept Friend – as a highest understanding of divine manifestation on the terrestrial plan, descend of divine force and its contact with human. God and human in one body are uniting.

   2).   Terrestrial understanding of friendship and friends begins with attachment on animal plan, turns into devotion, and sometimes this state becomes so strong that person who has lost the friend perishes or can revenge and kill the friend of envy and material plan and treachery is getting mixed in this friendship. Sometimes because of terrestrial friendship the most terrible crimes are committed.

2.   Let's sort out the first concept - the Virtue of Friendship which comes to people, from the divine plan, the plan of high Soul of the World.

3.   We will begin from high. The Virtue Friendship is a heavenly, universal, divine, cosmic concept, and together with it a concept of Friend which also is high, and connects God and human, quite seldom in today's time.

4.   If God opens in human's heart such state is called a condition of an enlightenment. An enlightened person is friendly with all people and entities, and tries to see God in each person; the own spiritual manifestation, himself as a God, comes to a condition of equality with everyone and endows with this condition these who looks for God and wants to open Him in himself.

5.   Or he looks for enlightened person, becomes his pupil, and through apprenticeship finds Friendship and becomes a Friend of God and of the enlightened person.

6.   The devoted pupil is always near the teacher. They form a spiritual relationship and a source of spiritual family.

7.   Once these concepts, such as Virtue Friendship, weren't isolated cases of rare enlightened people and their pupils, all the people were united, and made a united spiritual Family. And it was at the beginning of Creation of the world and possibly even earlier at so-called Slavs which lived on the Russian land.

Учение Лилит о Добродетелях и пороках. Дружба

8.   They say that these spiritual entities have descended to Earth the first and therefore they were called first-borns, and after they began to be called as nobles of the fine family of God of Gods himself. They are his eternal and immortal family. The Pole Star and constellation Great Bear were their tutors. They are called Giperboreas, Arias, Assas from whom the races after came out, and also they called Russiches, Vedrusses, Bojiches, and many other different names had these people-Gods.

9.   For people to understand about the Russian land and its borders I will answer with words of an ancient work: The earth of Russes and Vedrusses stretched from edge to edge of the Universe. And all these Lands belonged to Russes. All the other races and nations were newcomers or guests from other lands which on Creation of the World Russiches-Bojiches have kindly provided with a place for their dwelling.

10.   But soon it seemed to the guests not enough place, and wars on Earth have begun. And therefore all wars have begun from Creation of the last world about 7 thousand years ago, may be more. These wars started in Heavens and have rolled down as an avalanche on the terrestrial plan.

11.   As a result of wars the Great Creator himself has been buried, brought down, thrown to a suburb of the Universe. But same as from the cross his son Christ, the son of unified good kind rose, the Creator himself is rising, having passed century's tortures, and together with him its burning flame, which has been squeezed and pressed in pain and sufferings of all his sons and daughters of unified kin, revives. And thus a fragile formula of other life has been crushed, and instead a distorted death formula has been received. Human is born to die. Absurdity!!!

12.   And not every Bojich decided to be born on Earth for changing the situation. They were born by two, by three, trying to be born in one place, and together they corrected the situations. Christ, Mary Magdalene and Judas – the Trinity born for creation of united chain of Friendship, Fidelity and Love.

13.   And phenomenon of Friendliness and life in openness and affability were called just Friendship, and not some how else. Our far ancestors were the Sons, Daughters and Friends of Gods and the Supreme God, they had no any animal component - reptilian brain. It was implanted later. They never were slaves of God, and never submitted to anybody. They listened to the heart and protected Each Other. And all then were Friends.

14.   All of them by their spiritual blood were born from God, from here - the First kind, from Himself, and they called themselves as Knyajiches, Bojiches. And there was no trace of that power and society's organization which we have now. For me nowday's world order is a perversion of all concepts and Virtues, it is a demonic culture which began to govern and has changed all universe and all beings and people.

15.   As the society's organization had absolutely another character, where nobody had been subordinated to another, and society was founded on universal relationship and love, these Divine people lived under other laws of world order and had an absolutely different set of chromosomes. If for destroying and slavish power a pyramid is peculiar, here it is possible to draw a protective circle and spatially - a sphere.

16.   In this world order all are open. All are visible. There is nothing to hide. Within sight of each other there was no envy or other vices, as for their emergence there was no reason. If you know all about everyone as about yourself, if there are no concealments and secrets, then instead of envy a sympathy could come if something has a little worsened for someone, or - a condition of pleasure if for someone it became better than was.

17.   All this possible even today. But the people became the slave beings and have received a certain perverted dependence of slavery. It is similar to drug addiction. Sex is also a slave dependence, which they call love!!! Doesn't such life seem ludicrous to you?

18.   And you continue to live the way it was insistently propagandized, litter your brains with some rubbish, including meat and fish food. You guzzle, and you will be gobbled up. Stop. You eat living beings, you will be eaten by viruses and microbes. Stop, if you want to be a human. Animal can't control itself and define what is necessary for him any more. Then life – not life, but a chimera.

19.   Let's return to the people of first kind who were your ancestors. Their brain worked absolutely differently than yours; the heart and pure reason, but not money, self-interest, greed and envy, rivalry and all animal attributes of chimeras governed. Among the members of society only children were takers, the adults gave them all the best. Children weren't divided into other people's children and own. All the children were own.

20.   Don't you think - that a little reminds communism? And communism in its theoretical embodiment is a paradise, but the dirtied brains of people have managed to distort the bright concepts, to lower all these concepts on the level of surviving, sexual depravity and platitude, on the level of theft and greed and therefore this idea hasn't got accustomed in our great country.

21.   So strange that exactly on this earth the people lived by community and lived for centuries, but people of this earth have pursued some foreign values and got into something from where there is only exit - death. All who have reached a full stage of egoism and who have closed a chain of anti-friendship based on material dependence at some point will just disappear as tribe of Maya and others not friendly tribes have disappeared.

22.   In Russia such times have come now. The people just have to guess how a mass defeat by unknown viruses happens and where people-egoists are coming from. Closed an anti-chain of "friendship" in a clan, in an oriel , due to an inconceivable material and imperious dependence, they can perish in one day. And it will be not a revolutionary upheaval, it will be a revolution of spirit which can't be stopped, especially in the environment of closed in mutual responsibility entities and people. Who is quick-witted will understand me.

23.   When the world's order of first-born people has collapsed, other, cruel times have come. And in human a built-in reptilе small brain and a so-called serpent, who has been introduced to the people as a sexual tool for reproduction of kin, has come into force.

24.   And the serpent began to dictate to heart and reason of people the perverted concepts, at the same time destroying even in a most spiritual person his biofield, and eating DNA chains, leveled all moral principles of society for the sake of the family, in which some alien entities through man and woman connected. And not a family there was getting born, but a ball of contradictions and defects, at the same time the ancient serpent broke Love itself. And instead of it has presented a passion, unstable and similar to a whirlwind. The whirlwind was coming to an end, and a treachery would happen. The serpent always betrayed human and directed him, it made mean acts.

25.   And therefore the concept Virtue Friendship on Earth has been very long time ago lost, and only very rarely, people who came in the first-born state, on Earth are born. And their purpose here, besides of own development, is to find a Friend and to gain the Virtue Friendship on Earth to make a Love chain, and to make a revolution of Spirit.

26.   And here it isn't necessary to explain to anybody how such people are treated on Earth. They are unbearable, from them demanded to become as everybody and to work not by the head, not by pure reason, not by heart, but, sorry, by dick and female uterus.

27.   And such people are broken, killed and if it is a man he is just thrust into this uterus and he is completely captivated and demoralized, his free thought ceases to work and he submits to the laws of female uterus which are extremely stupid and have only instincts.

28.   If that's a woman - her, as on a skewer, pull on a serpent name to which dick and she gives all the energy not to the world of Nature and to all people but only to that usurper, who has attached her to himself. Her energy deafens, fades, decreases and leads to a full withering of the woman, her death. In the eastern countries some harems were practised, where the strength of woman worked for pleasures of owner; year, two and further the energy withered and turned over to its contrast: greed, cupidity and hatred.

29.   Mother Nature, the true Mother of people and of everything was expelled and exchanged for a stepmother – female uterus that is why all human race now toils and suffers. Uterus has a primitive reason and catching reflexes. Penis, as a serpent, has subordinated itself the bright head of man, and as people speak: legs go after penis. And penis brings to black holes and jungles, where health, youth, forces and money are disappearing.

30.   So people have absolutely lost the Virtue of Friendship and true Friends. The matter is that this Virtue is that magic key by means of which the way to Dream, to the Tree of Desires which is capable to execute any high dreams opens. When the humans have been connected with the Tree of Desires all of them as one lived in completeness and abundance.

31.   Now many people have understood that it is necessary to dream and that dreams have to come true. But dreams don't come true, and human is eternally deceived by some evil force. Gradually this operating force deprives the person of his forces, reason and ability clearly represent the way and to make own choice.

32.   All people as though were driven to some enormous dark room in which they live, give birth to some children, as "pigs in pokes", and people know nothing and understand nothing. Person can't even know who will be born of him a friend or an enemy, person gets sick with different diseases and subjected to various harmful viruses, a little fly can bite him, and he will die in tortures. Over the years he grows old, becomes ailing and resigns to death. And he is getting convinced that all live so, that it is normal!!!

33.    And to die more quietly, in kosher, he is getting convinced of existence of next world which waits for him after life and after death on the earth, somewhere there, in heaven, he is awaited by better life, but here is hell. He also getting told that only there he can meet his dear people, who have died before him.

34.   But why only there where darkness and nothing is visible from here. Why we have to take all these words on trust? I know that nobody ever really met the relatives materialized on Earth, with them it is possible to communicate only in imagination and dreams.

35.   All worlds, all lives are hidden and closed from us. We don't know how lives a neighbor on the staircase, what is here to speak about those who have died. But there is a certain question: why is that so and not the other way? And the answer is in the depth of each person. Just necessary to remember oneself as a first-born. There is other way and world order! It was created by someone whom we call Father, God. But why the Father is forbidden to go down to this world? That is his world, isn't it?

36.   However, there are a lot of similar situations on Earth among people. There are millions of such situations when someone creates something, then parasitic people come and take away violently from the person his creation, including works of art, children, and lives. From where they have such right? There is no such right. But they do it and dispose your children, lives, your welfare. God didn't grant them such right!

37.   Means - there were those who also, illegally, have taken away His Creation from God. But why He hasn't destroyed them? Make a conclusion yourself. You think He has agreed on it? You are mistaken! Do you agree when people from guardianship come and take away your children? God also didn't agree, and then they made something to Him.

38.   And He has left Earth and mankind. We remained here alone, orphans among invaders from other planets and worlds. And we call Him to return. And the more people really, with huge desire and thirst, will begin to call Him and mentally oppose to this world order, the more forces He will receive and will be able to revive.

39.   Why Gods were on Earth earlier, and now they are absent? Call them, and Gods will come! I only live by that. All the rest doesn't warm me. I want to my Uniformed Family which I called House. And this House was Earth, only absolutely another, kind, gentle and sensitive to any human thought. The Earth was also so exhausted that it has ceased to hear people and began to destroy all indiscriminately. People have ceased to be on friendly terms with Earth and its creations, they have ceased to be friends with each other. The chain of life has torn and has formed some casual connections. Where the Friendship is? Where is Sympathy?

40.   As though purposely someone alienates and separates from each other. Someone constantly cares for that misinformation to people would be brought, that they'd act blindly, and knew nothing about themselves and the world around, about thoughts and creation of the future. Even when people marry they don't know to whom they will give birth, what will happen to them in one year, even in one day. It is abnormal, trast me. People shouldn't live like that.

41.   It is nonsense and not life, the life instilled by religion, that it's necessary to submit and live with eternally hung head, that all people are fallen and have wallowed in the original sin, which already for so many thousands of years nobody wants or can't correct for all at once. And everyone is suggested to move alone. And that this solitary way conducts us towards God.

42.   But no one can tell precisely where this way will bring, this way might be false or true. Nobody says to us that Earth is occupied, and we live among invaders and we are their food. Why the religion doesn't speak about it? It spares us and hide the facts, or long ago sold out and works for foreign newcomers, brainwashing people and forcing them to suck blood and eat Christ's flesh, even if imaginable, how it is possible?

43.   It is a sort of cannibalism! If it is something else, not a black magic against Christ, not a cannibalism, then let it be explained. But that fact is driven in subconsciousness of people that if it's possible regularly suck Christ's blood and eat his body, then it is possible also to eat a real meat and to suck a real physical blood of our little brothers, animals. And how after that the Mother of these animals, Mother Earth, has to treat these people?

44.   Let's bring together the terrestrial mothers that give birth to physical children and begin to cut their children on their eyes, fry and eat them. How the mothers of these children will feel? And why the is worse? Earth is even more sensitive and her children aren't worse than yours.

45.   Therefore my appeal on behalf of Mother Earth sounds menacing and penetrating, of course I won't begin to growl and to call your children names. But I want to tell that you, women, feed your husbands with the meat of children of Earth and if you don't stop this process, your children will be damned by Earth and doomed to terrible tortures which will be performed right on your eyes as you in the face of Mother Earth kill and guzzle her children.

46.   You protect your born children and spit on others. You have everything divided. That what came out of your hole and uterus, where the penis of allegedly your man entered, you consider a native, a blood, but that what came out of other woman's hole - already a stranger's and possible to humiliate, to kill, to destroy it.

47.   And if that are children of Mother Earth, it's possible to do anything with them. Look at yourself, who are you? People? No, that's even difficult to call you creatures. Mother Earth has creeping and flying creatures, and they are better than you!!! And that is why you and your species of female plan are deeply disgusting to Mother Earth and she is going to take up against you all her creatures and all her forces to show you that there are no foreign and own children.

48.   And your black hole with your implanted uterus isn't better than holes of other women and maternal individuals of animals. So, God forbid! Don't you be just the simple bitches and don't make your hole a center of your soul. That is a latrine. And those who implanted an uterus, a stepmother of mankind, into a latrine, they exactly wanted that each woman was not a person but a bitch, capable of giving birth and nothing else.

49.   The Earth waits when you, women, mothers, would understand such simple maternal truth and pain of the Earth! And each young woman has to stop eating children of Mother Earth, and eat only the fruits which Mother Earth especially grows up and tears away from herself for people and animals, for all her children.

50.   And if the woman would realize and will cease to participate directly or indirectly in the act of murder, and the precept sounds – don't kill, so don't kill, don't guzzle the killed by criminals in front of Mother Earth, she is your mother.

51.   Who has inspired the people that the stupid uterus of woman which can see nothing is a mother of children? What kind of mother is it, it is an exact stepmother whom hostile forces of ignorance and darkness have introduced. And this stepmother, who has got a physical flesh of human, spits on all children, except those who got out of herself.

52.   And the stepmothers were palmed off to all the people instead of the unique Mother, who is Earth. And only she is omnipotent and can give and protect all. But what the bag, which is blind, deaf and stupid and which sits in each physical body of woman and operates her and catches men to tie them with a terrible dependence can? And each born on Earth human has the kindest and real Mother, the Mother Earth. But she is expelled from the hearts, and what is pushed instead?

53.   By the way, all fairy tales, the best fairy tales also speak about it. The real mother has died, and the father collared by an adopted creature, an uterus, collared by own passion and a sticky and smelly web, and she becomes a stepmother of the heroine, and she torments both the father, and the child. And there is no rescue.

54.   Would the daughter of Earth divide the children on own and others, and torment the children of the husband born from his dead beloved? You see, all is simple. Who swindles you? Who is this woman? Look carefully! Who is she? A daughter of Earth or in appearance a physical flesh in which her uterus with a hole governs?

55.   Perhaps I write a little roughly, but other way is impossible. The Father and Husband of Earth can't remain in the background of history and life any longer, the Mother Earth can't suffer so much anymore, while some uteruses, adopted by unknown beings for reproduction of not people but batteries and food, would dominate on Earth. It's time to finish it. To realize and stop. You, women, should do it.

56.   If you are able to make it and to become the real daughters of Earth and to shut your uterus, to expel it, so that its word would be the last, then any girl will cease to eat meat and anything living and will never marry a murderer of children of Earth.

57.   Then men will become the sons of Earth, and Mother Earth will return them their force and might. And then the people would not assume, but precisely know, and the world will be pure and bright, kind and gentle. To live in a full ignorance is not life!

Continued on the virtue of Friendship read more: http://www.lilit12.ru/lilitt_uchenie_12_3_25_2en.htm

Author Maria Lilith Karpinskaya. 11 APR 2016
Text translated by Maya Nikolaeva.


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